Do You Want to Propose on Valentine’s Day?

14 Karat Diamond Set Celtic Love Knot RingAre you considering proposing to your true love on Valentine’s Day?

If so, you should know that making your proposal as special as it can possibly be will be all about offering her the sort of engagement ring that is designed to thrill and inspire her for a lifetime.

After all, this piece of jewelry will be something that she wears every single day and night. Therefore, it will need to be perfectly suited to her tastes…

Luckily, our gorgeous array of Celtic engagement rings feature exceptional quality, as well as style details which set them apart from all of the rest.

Our rings are handmade in Ireland and feature Celtic symbols. These jewelry designs are authentic and they reference thousands of years of Celtic culture, design and history. For this reason, they are especially meaningful to women who have Irish, Scottish or Welsh family backgrounds.

 Which Ring is Really Right for Her?

14 Karat Diamond Set Claddagh Ring

14 Karat Diamond Set Claddagh Ring

If she seems like the sort of lady who will appreciate classic style with a twist, she’ll adore the solitaire-style engagement ring which is displayed at left.

Our 14 Karat Diamond Set Claddagh Ring is designed to showcase a stunning, “conflict-free” diamond. However, its beautiful Claddagh setting, which features a tender and romantic, crowned-heart-and-hands motif, gives it tons of extra richness, dimension and symbolism.

Choose your preferred size of diamond  – because we offer 1/4 karat, 1/3 karat and 1/2 karat diamonds, at different levels of color and clarity, you’ll be able to find something that fits your specifications and budget to absolute perfection.

In addition, it will be possible to buy any of our engagement rings without diamonds included. When you select the “no-diamond” option, you may add your own gemstone whenever you like.

Available in a stunning, two-tone combination, which is crafted from 14k yellow and white gold, this design is also offered in a sleek and modern, white gold finish.

The symbols found on this dazzling ring illustrate love and loyalty…

14 Karat Diamond Set Celtic Love Knot Ring

14 Karat Diamond Set Celtic Love Knot RingIf she appreciates uniqueness and orginality, she’ll adore our exquisite 14 Karat Diamond Set Celtic Love Knot Ring.

Adorned with a striking, princess-cut diamond, this elegant design offers the ultimate in timeless beauty.

Each ring comes with a superb and ornate Celtic love knot setting, which symbolizes eternal passion.

For centuries, Celtic knot work has been utilized in order to add intricacy and beauty to Celtic art treasures, such as the Book of Kells and the Ardagh Chalice.

Today, our skilled and talented artisans honour the tradition of masterful Celtic metal work, by incorporating knot work elements into their designs.

When you offer her this ring, you’ll be giving her the gift of artistry and ancient symbolism. In addition, since we offer two finishes, different sizes and grades of diamonds (all conflict-free) and a “no diamond” option, you’ll be able to customize this stunning ring just for her…

Those who wish to order any of our rings in platinum may do so by sending us a special request, via email. You may contact us at: Platinum prices will vary based on market conditions.

White Gold Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want a truly Celtic look for her, you’ll love the distinctive style elements that are found in our exceptional White Gold Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring.

This lovely and feminine design features a round diamond, which is flanked by two perfect Trinity Knots. Each Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol, which represents Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Throughout the centuries, Trinity Knots have illustrated the Christian beliefs of the Scottish, Irish and Welsh. Today, they continue to intrigue and inspire.

Choose from white gold or yellow gold to get the right effect for her tastes. Then, prepare to offer her a handmade Celtic ring that is truly second to none…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Irish Celtic Jewels!