Our Birthstone Charm Features Meaningful Celtic Symbolism

Birthstone Tara's Diary CharmIf you’re looking for a special charm which will add superlative beauty to your charm bracelet, you’ll find that our exceptional – and very meaningful – Birthstone Tara’s Diary Charm offers great visual impact for a very affordable price.

Adorned with a sparkling birthstone which may be customized for your own month of birth, this signature example of traditional Celtic craftsmanship also features mystical spiral detailing.

By ordering our gorgeous charm today, you’ll be able to connect with your own Celtic heritage, each and every time that you wear your charm bracelet…

Available for just $54.00, this sterling silver stunner will also make a perfect and thoughtful gift idea for any special lady who has Celtic ancestry.

Celtic Spirals Have Intrigued and Inspired for Centuries

Stone spiral

For centuries, Celtic spirals have been utilized in order to symbolize eternity…

These gentle and curving lines, which call to mind the natural patterns of seashells, have appeared on a series of Irish relics and masterpieces, from the rune stones at Ireland’s famed Newgrange Passage Tomb to the Book of Kells (an illuminated manuscript) to the Ardagh Chalice (a war treasure which was crafted from gold, silver and bronze).

According to legend, the Celtic spiral traces the journey of human life, from birth to death to spiritual rebirth.

Therefore, each turn of the spiral represents yet another important milestone along the way…

If you believe in eternity and spiritual rebirth, you’ll find that choosing our charm is the perfect way to be reminded of your own spirituality.

Our Lovely Charm is Handmade in Ireland

Our talented artisans craft each birthstone charm by hand, right in the Emerald Isle. The beautiful Celtic spirals which they add to each charm’s circumference are designed to honour the spirit of Early Medieval Ireland.

In addition, every charm that we offer is hallmarked at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

In other words, if you want authentic Celtic jewelry, you’ll find that this piece, which is bold enough to get noticed (while still being very feminine and refined)  really fits the bill…

Why Not “Build” the Perfect Celtic Charm Bracelet?

Tara's Diary complete braceletWe are proud to offer a plethora of stunning charms, all of which feature Celtic symbols and other exciting embellishments (from pearls to gold-plated accents to enamel to art glass).

Therefore, choosing our birthstone charm today may be the first step to creating the ultimate Celtic charm bracelet.

Ladies who wish to get the perfect look should consider investing in our reasonably-priced Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet.

The charm featured here (as well as most of our Tara’s Diary Collection charms) will also fit onto Pandora charm bracelet designs.

The finished bracelet displayed above is one woman’s “vision” of the ideal bracelet. Yours may be very different!

In other words, whether you prefer a host of bright colours or opt for a subtler, monochrome palette, you’ll be able to find charms which suit your tastes.

One tip is to utilize contrasting charm shapes and textures, in order to give your configuration of charms more richness and dimension.

Now that you know more about our special charm, why not treat yourself today?

By exploring your own Celtic heritage via hand-crafted Celtic jewelry, you’ll be able to connect with the history, culture and symbolism of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.