Honor Your Celtic Heritage with our Sparkling Claddagh Pendant

10k Gold Claddagh and Heart Pendant with DiamondsIf you’re looking for a truly glamourous Celtic jewelry design, which will help you to connect with your own Irish, Scottish or Welsh family background, you’ll absolutely adore our 10k Gold Claddagh and Heart Pendant with Diamonds.

Crafted from 10 karat gold, this romantic design features a heart-shaped border of shimmering, icy-white diamonds. These genuine gemstones lend tons of sparkle and shine to the piece, while also highlighting the beauty of its delicate and elegant, “crowned-heart-and-hands” motif.

Best known as an Irish symbol of love and loyalty, the Claddagh motif has endured for centuries. Today, our talented and dedicated artisans put an exciting new spin on a timeless classic, by incorporating this poignant symbol, which dates back to the Early Medieval Period, into this inspiring (and one hundred percent handcrafted) pendant design.

Choose Your Finish for a Custom Effect

10k Gold Claddagh and Heart Pendant with Diamonds When you choose this piece, you may opt for a yellow gold or a white gold finish. By offering you two “10k” options, we will make it possible for you to get the look that you love best!

If you like, you may also order a matching chain, which is eighteen inches in length.

If you’re searching for a splendid gift idea, you should know that spoiling a special lady with this glittering design will be a wonderful way to show how her exactly much you care.

The pendant, which is handmade in Ireland and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle, will be sent out in a luxury presentation box.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the special significance of the Claddagh symbol…

The Claddagh Motif Expresses Affection and Fidelity

Invented by Galway-born fisherman-turned-goldsmith, Robert Joyce, the first Claddagh symbol was the centerpiece of a golden ring. Joyce was working as a sailor in Moorish lands when he was kidnapped at sea and then sold into slavery.

Forced to toil as a goldsmith, Joyce pined for the woman he’d left behind – her name was Margaret. In her honour, he crafted the first “Claddagh ring”.

Years later, when he was freed, he sailed back to Galway, only to find that his true love had also waited for him. She wore her new ring, which symbolized Joyce’s unending love and loyalty, for all of her days.

Now that you understand more about the Claddagh legacy, you’ll be ready to embrace it for yourself. By ordering our exceptional pendant today, you’ll display your own romantic spirit, as well as your Celtic heritage…

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  1. Celtic pendants compliment most outfits and are indeed a great way of evoking one’s Celtic heritage. As you mentioned pendants can comprise of Celtic crosses, shamrocks, trinity knots, claddaghs, trinities and such.

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