January Giveaway: Win a Silver Twister Claddagh Ring

Silver Twister Claddagh Ring

The January giveaway is now over. The winner of this months giveaway is Saundra Bowers. Congratulations Saundra! Thanks to all that took part. The February giveaway is coming soon!

Every month, we give away a special piece of sterling silver Celtic jewelry to one lucky winner.

This month, we’re proud to offer a gorgeous prize which embodies centuries of Irish culture and history.

Our Silver Twister  Claddagh Ring is handcrafted right in the Emerald Isle, for true authenticity, and it features a tender, crowned-heart-and-hands motif, which symbolizes love and loyalty.

Because this elegant, versatile ring features so many wonderful details, including an exquisite, Celtic knot work band, it’s lots of fun to wear.  Each time that you put this sterling silver stunner on, you’ll be able to connect with your own Celtic family background.

Because it’s just so simple to enter, you’ll find that earning a chance (or more than one chance!) at this lovely prize takes only a moment.

If you win, we’ll contact you privately in order to arrange delivery of your new Claddagh ring.

Embrace Romantic Claddagh Tradition

The first Claddagh ring was created by a Galway fisherman, in order to honor his true love, Margaret.

Because the Irish fisherman, Richard Joyce, was taken into slavery while working as a merchant sailor in Moorish lands, and then forced to work for a Moorish goldsmith, he was separated from his beloved Margaret for years.

During this dark period in his life, he created a special ring for her, which showed his undying love.

When he was finally freed from slavery, he returned to his native Galway, filled with hope, and was thrilled to discover that his one true love had also waited faithfully for him.

He gave her the Claddagh ring and she wore it for the rest of her days. The couple lived happily ever after…

Today, the beauty and magic of Claddagh ring tradition continues to inspire new generations.

Now, let’s talk about how to enter our January, 2014 giveaway…

How to Enter the Contest

In order to make contest entry simple and fun, we’ve harnessed the power of social media.

Since most people do have social network profiles these days, we’ve linked the entry process to a range of popular social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Simply choose your preferred entry method or enter multiple times in order to boost your chances.

Best of luck to you! If you do win, you’ll adore wearing your new ring, as it’s just so romantic and meaningful.



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30 thoughts on “January Giveaway: Win a Silver Twister Claddagh Ring

  1. I would love this ring. I love the story/meaning behind Claddagh rings and the design of the band is brilliant. It’s like the rope of love and commitment that tie the two people together: surrounding and encircling the two and never ending.

  2. I am wearing the same claddagh my mom gave me 20 yrs ago…I would love to pass it on to my son so I need something to replace it

  3. Beautiful. I truly love the meaning of this ring…I would give this to my mother, pledging my loyalty and love for her (as she has her whole life for me). So if she ever worries that she’s become a burden to me, she can just twist that ring and know that it’s my love for her always that’s surrounding her.

  4. I always loved the Claddagh ring plus I am half Irish so would love to wear this! So pretty! I used to have one I lost.

  5. I lost my claddagh in my rock garden over 10yrs ago. have watered it madly since then. no sign of a claddagh tree unfortunately but this one will fill the gap beautifully and stop my obsession of finding the lost one!!

  6. Would live to win this because my ring that looks just like it is gone down the drain :-(

  7. Could you delete either #27 or #28, it said it wasn’t able to post one of them but it did. Thx.

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