Treat Him to an Exceptional Men’s Celtic Wedding Band


Mens Celtic Wedding BandSome men want more from their wedding bands. In other words, they’re looking for style and symbolism that they simply can’t find via typical gent’s wedding ring designs.

If you’re marrying a man who has Celtic ancestry (Irish, Scottish or Welsh), you’ll find that treating him to a Men’s Celtic Wedding Band is the key to giving him the originality and meaning that he craves.

Because our elegant, simple and striking wedding band is adorned with a bold,  knot work motif which references thousands of years of culture and history, it’s really something special.

In addition, because it’s handmade right in the Emerald Isle, it offers authenticity that is truly unparalleled. So, why not spoil him by ensuring that he is able to enjoy a  luxurious, 14k wedding ring that isn’t just another plain gold band?

Choose the Finish that is Perfect for Him

Mens Celtic Wedding Band (white gold)

When you select this style for your true love, you’ll be able to select the finish that is perfect for him. We offer this exceptional design in white or yellow gold.

In general, considering his colouring will be the key to getting an ideal match. Men with warm skin tones (look for greenish veins inside of his wrist) are flattered by yellow gold, while men with cool skin tones (look for blueish veins inside of his wrist) will look wonderful in white gold.

Another strategy is to consider his preferences. In other words, if he prefers yellow gold watches and chains, he’ll likely want a yellow gold band. If he only owns sterling silver (or white gold) watches and jewelry designs, white gold will be the smartest choice.

Of course, you may wish to pick out wedding bands together, rather than surprising him. If this is the case, consider choosing Celtic wedding bands for the both of you. We have an exciting collection of styles for men and women, so that you may exchange Celtic rings on your special day.

Our ladies’ Celtic wedding rings and gent’s Celtic wedding rings feature a range of symbols, finishes and embellishments. Therefore, there is something for everyone. In addition, we are proud of offer sterling silver designs that are perfect for budget-conscious brides-to-be and grooms-to-be.

Other options include white gold and yellow gold in a ten carat finish, or platinum designs.

If you want platinum, simply email us for a quotation. We will provide you with a price based on the current market value of this precious metal. If you decide that platinum is right for you, we’ll make you a custom ring.

To request a quote, drop us a line at: – we look forward to hearing from you.

What Celtic Knot Work Means

Celtic knot work is also known as Celtic interlace, and it symbolizes eternity.

Spiritual and mystical, traditional Celtic knot work patterns are interconnected and never-ending. For centuries, these elegant and intriguing patterns have appeared on Celtic stone work, art treasures and illuminated manuscripts.

Today, the most classic examples of Celtic interlace, such as those found on our rugged and masculine men’s wedding bands, continue to charm new generations.

Now that you know more our Men’s Celtic Wedding Band, why not honour his heritage by treating him to this timeless and sophisticated design?