November Giveaway: Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant

The November giveaway is over. The winner is Nancy Fiorenza. Nancy has won our Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant. Congratulations Nancy, and thanks to everybody that took part. Watch out for the December giveaway; coming VERY soon!

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot PendantEvery month, we give away a beautiful piece of traditional and authentic Celtic jewelry. Our monthly giveaway contests are designed to help us connect with new Celtic jewelry fans online, while also rewarding our loyal (and very valued) clientele.

For November 2013, we’re proud to offer something truly special. When you enter our contest before the deadline, you’ll earn a chance to win a Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant. This elegant design features a shimmering sterling silver setting and one lustrous, creamy and genuine pearl. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because our pendant is adorned with a single, striking Trinity Knot, which symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it’s a perfect expression of faith. For centuries, the Christian Celts have utilized this simple and gorgeous motif in order to illustrate their belief in God. Today, it remains one of the most recognizable and meaningful Celtic symbols.

Because our pendant is so spiritual and so lovely to behold, it’s always been a popular choice with our customers. If this pretty pendant is something that you’d love to wear, why not enter today? In order to help everyone enter quickly and easily, we’ve added a special interface (find it below) which makes it very simple to participate in our contest.

How to Enter

Getting started with our contest will be a total breeze. If you’re interested in entering, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to enter just once or to earn more chances to win (in an assortment of ways). By utilizing social media platforms where you already have accounts (or setting up new accounts to earn more chances), you’ll find that entering takes mere minutes… or even seconds (if you’re only entering once). Here are the myriad ways that it will be possible to earn a chance at our grand price for November 2013.

As you can see, there are tons of options for boosting your chances.. We announce the winners on our Facebook page at the end of the month, so stay connected to our Facebook page in order to find out if you’re the winner of our exceptional Celtic pendant. If you are the winner, we will get in touch with you in order to arrange the delivery of your Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant, which is valued at $49.00. Good luck from the team at Irish Celtic Jewels! a Rafflecopter giveaway

41 thoughts on “November Giveaway: Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant

  1. I love all your Celtic Jewlery. It is all just beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking. <3 I hope I am the lucky winner. My wedding anniversary is this month, 10 beautiful and Blessed years. This would be great to win and it would cheer me up, because my hubby just got a different job that he will be gone 28 days at a time. This would help lift my spirits, each time I look at it. :)

  2. I would love to win this for a few reasons 1 being that it is apart of my religious beliefs, the ohter is that the gemstone is of my daughters birth month & together I could wear this & have the best of both worlds!

  3. Love all your jewelry. All your pieces are awesome. would love to win the silver pearl set trinity knot pendant. thank you, Patti

  4. I love Celtic jewelry! I would love to be the lucky winner of the beautiful Celtic pendant! !

  5. I use the name Phoenix Solstice on FB. I would love to wear this for my wedding, which is silver/pearl/Elven themed. I’ve been looking for something just like this for a while and this is the first pendant I’ve seen that I thought was just perfect!

  6. I believe I should win because for one i have never won anything second I am irish third I just got out of an abusive relationship


  7. I really like Celtic jewelry and I think that this is a beautiful piece. I am of Irish descent and can go back three generations on my father’s side and two generations on my mother’s side and all are Irish. My grandfather Frank Keighry was born in Kilcolgan County Galway and lived on a 33 acre farm there with his seven brothers and sisters until he was 19 and then emigrated to the U.S. I plan to visit Ireland in the next few years and try to find the homestead and look deeper into my Irish roots.

  8. My gram used to wear pearls, and this reminds me of her… She was born in Dublin as were grandad, Aunt and Uncle, whom are all deceased. This would just bring me such joy and remembrance…

  9. Love this jewellery, and Bar ordering it myself I couldn’t be anymore subtle about my Xmas pressie lol

  10. I would love to win this beautiful pendant so that I can finally have a quality piece of Irish Jewelry to wear.

  11. Your jewelry is gorgeous! I’ll be showing my hubby this site, Christmas is coming up soon ;)

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