Would You Enjoy Getting Married in Ireland?

Ladies Diamond Comfort Fit Trinity Knot Wedding RingLots of famous couples, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, have chosen to embrace the spirit of Irish romance by getting married in the Emerald Isle.

Of course, plenty of non-famous men and women also travel to the country in order to experience magical wedding ceremonies which are set against the backdrop of the nation’s vibrant greenery, dramatic seascapes and romantic castles.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hold a destination wedding, you’ll find that Ireland offers beauty and charm that other countries simply cannot match.

To help you discover how to get married in Ireland, as well as a few superlative venues for exceptional weddings, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

Plan Ahead to Enjoy a Legal Wedding Ceremony in Ireland

Irish BrideIf you’re travelling to Ireland from another country in order to marry, you should know that the Irish Registrar of Marriages oversees all legal elements of Irish nuptials.

In order to learn more about marriage registration in Ireland, click HERE.

In general, you will need to plan at least three months ahead in order to fulfill the requirements which are outlined by the Irish Registrar of Marriages. So, you’ll need to get organized in order to make things happen.

Religious or civil wedding ceremonies are possibilities. While a little red tape definitely needs to be cut through, most couples have no trouble getting the process up and running and then seeing it through to completion.

Now that we’ve talked about how to get married in the country, let’s talk about why you should embrace this form of destination wedding!

Why Choose Ireland for Your Wedding?

First off, Ireland is known as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Because it offers a unique sensibility and a very distinct culture, Ireland is a very desirable place to visit – or to wed.

Those who have Irish heritage may be particularly taken with the idea of getting hitched in the country where their own ancestors once worked and played (and got married!).

If you have Irish heritage and you’ve never been to the Emerald Isle, you’ll find that visiting the country is a perfect way to connect with your past as you begin a brand-new chapter in your life.

In addition, Ireland is absolutely gorgeous. No matter which region of the country you choose, you’ll find that that there are beautiful venues that you may rent, as well as places to marry out of doors.

Exceptional Venues to Consider

If you want a signature Irish wedding, why not walk down the aisle at a beautiful Irish castle? Many of these elegant fortresses are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, and booking a wedding at one of these venues may not be as expensive as you think.

One example is Fitzpatrick Castle, which was constructed during the eighteenth century. This stunning venue is now a luxury hotel with all of the bells and whistles. When you choose to hold your wedding at this venue, which features a striking, crimson facade, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the amenities, while gazing out at the splendour of tranquil Dublin Bay.

Another exciting option is Lough Eske Castle, which rises above vast acres of lush forest. Situated near the shore of Lough Eske, this gorgeous castle hotel is flanked by the picturesque Blue Stack Mountains. Located in Donegal, this hotel has a five-star rating, and it’s known for its serene spa. So, do be sure to enjoy a little spa pampering before you ceremony, in order to look and feel your very best before your Irish wedding.

Choose Celtic Wedding Bands for Your Irish Wedding

Ladies Claddagh Wedding Ring Available in two-toned gold or white gold, our exceptional Ladies Claddagh Wedding Band features 14k quality, a genuine diamond, and the most exquisite craftsmanship.

Created by hand, right in the Emerald Isle, this elegant ring is an authentic representation of Irish design. Its openwork setting features romantic, crowned-heart-and-hands symbols, which illustrate love and loyalty.

This ladies’ design is very affordable and it is meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

Make your Irish wedding even more spectacular by opting for this traditional – and beautiful – wedding ring.