Our Elegant Ring is the Ultimate Anniversary Band

14k Diamond Celtic Trinity Knot RingIf you’re searching for a truly beautiful anniversary gift for your wife, you’ll find that our stunning 14k Diamond Celtic Trinity Knot Ring offers an intoxicating blend of superlative craftsmanship and traditional Celtic symbolism.

Because this exceptional and authentic design is handmade right in Ireland, it’s a perfect way to honour her Celtic heritage as you celebrate your anniversary.

Ultra-feminine, delightfully delicate and adorned with intricate details which set it apart from other diamond anniversary bands, this stellar design is crafted with painstaking attention to detail.

She’ll adore the sparkle and shimmer of a row of glittering, genuine diamonds. To customize her design, you may choose from a 14k yellow gold or white gold finish.

This Ring Symbolizes Eternity

Because its setting features exquisitely engraved Trinity Knot motifs, it’s a resonant symbol of eternity.

Trinity Knots are spiritual Celtic symbols, which are composed of three interlocking and equal segments.

Each segment of a Trinity Knot symbolizes one element of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

By choosing this ring for your eternal beloved, you’ll reference centuries of Celtic faith and tradition.

If your wife is a Christian, she’ll really appreciate the meaningful symbolism of this design.

Irish monks from the Early Medieval Period utilized the Trinity Knot in order to honour God. For example, you’ll find this simple and striking symbol on stone crosses in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Because these powerful symbols continue to intrigue and inspire, they have become some of the most recognizable Celtic motifs.

 “I Love You” is Engraved on this Lovely Design

14k Diamond Celtic Trinity Knot Ring (2)To add even more charm, our Irish artisans add a special and romantic touch to every single ring.

They engrave the words, “I love you” – with a tender little heart in place of the word, “love”, on the outside edge of every band that they create.

This is one more reason why selecting this ring for your wife will be such a wise decision. Every time that she admires her new Celtic jewelry design, she’ll remember exactly how much you care.

Surprisingly affordable at just $795.00, this beautiful ring is a smart investment, which is meant to be treasured for a lifetime. In addition, it will be the perfect complement to her other bridal jewelry.

Now that you know more about this gorgeous ring, why not order it for her today? When you do, you’ll be offering her the gift of traditional Celtic romance.


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