Treat Yourself to a Colourful Celtic Engagement Ring

14k Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Engagement RingYou’ll wear your engagement ring every day of your life. That’s why choosing a design which truly evokes your soul is so important.

In order to get the unique style and meaningful Celtic symbolism that you crave, why not choose our stunning, 14k Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring?

Because this handmade design is adorned with the most intricate and graceful Celtic knot work, it’s designed to reference the spirit, history and culture of your Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestors.

Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, our lovely and colourful Celtic ring features a gorgeous, oval-shaped sapphire.

Deepest blue and surrounded by two shimmering diamonds, this genuine gemstone is one of the most precious there is.

Discover Sapphire Symbolism

For centuries, those who believe in the magical properties of gemstones have credited the sapphire with inspiring better health, while also bestowing the wearer with a sense of innocence and truthfulness.

This beautiful gemstone, with its serene hue, which echoes the beauty of a deep blue sea (or a midnight blue sky) is undoubtedly a perfect symbol of the purity and integrity of true love. Therefore, it’s a popular choice for engagement rings.

However, it’s simply not as expected as a white diamond. That’s why women who want something different readily embrace sapphire engagement rings.

Because our ring features a lovely, .50 carat sapphire, in addition to a superb setting which is also far from expected, it is really something special.

Celtic Knot Work Symbolizes Eternity

Since the Early Medieval Period, Celtic knot work (also known as Celtic interlace) has been used to represent eternity.

Because knot work designs consist of interlocking lines, they have no end. These interconnected lines are hypnotic to gaze upon, and their mystical beauty makes them truly unforgettable.

For centuries, these patterns have appeared on a range of Celtic art treasures, from the illuminated manuscript, the Book of Kells (which is housed at Trinity College, Dublin) to the stone Celtic Crosses which dot the landscape all over Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Our artisans take their cue from the past, by creating designs which are inspired by the most priceless treasures of the ancient Celts.

Every ring that we offer is handmade right in the Emerald Isle, for true authenticity. In addition, each design will be hallmarked (stamped) at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

Choose this Stellar Design Today

Now that you know more about our elegant and inspiring Celtic engagement ring, why not order you own design today?

If you’re a man who is interested in choosing the ideal engagement ring for your lady, you may discover that ordering this ring is the perfect way to thrill her as you get down on bended knee.

If you have any questions about this 14k gold design, which is available in two-tone white and yellow gold, or a monochrome, white-gold finish, please connect with our today, at: We look forward to hearing from you.







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