Treat her to a Celtic Birthday Cake Charm on Her Special Day

Tara's Diary Birthday Cake Celtic CharmIf you’re searching for a special gift for a lovely lady’s birthday, why not treat her to our exceptional Tara’s Diary Birthday Cake Celtic Charm?

Since this beautiful, sterling silver design is adorned with Celtic symbols which will reference her Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, it’s a perfect way to honour her ancestry as she celebrates her big day.

Designed to fit onto our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet or onto a Pandora charm bracelet, this affordable piece is handmade, right in the Emerald Isle.

Because it features gold-plated Trinity Knot accents, as well as “Happy Birthday” engraving and “lit” candles, this creative and inspiring charm is the perfect way to celebrate this special milestone in her life.

Our Affordable Design Features Authentic Celtic Craftsmanship

Tara's Diary complete braceletWhen you choose this special charm, you’ll be selecting the ultimate in authentic Celtic jewelry.

As part of our stunning Tara’s Diary Collection (check out a “completed” bracelet, at left, which features some dazzling designs from the collection), our Celtic birthday cake charm displays motifs which symbolize the deep spirituality of the ancient Celts.

The Trinity Knots found on each whimsical charm are composed of three equal and interlocking parts. Each segment symbolizes one aspect of the Christian Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Trinity Knots illustrate eternity. These timeless symbols of Celtic culture are found on a range of priceless art treasures, such as the illuminated manuscript which is known as the Book of Kells.

Now that  you know more about the symbols which adorn our handcrafted birthday cake charm, you’ll understand why it’s so special.

Why Not Treat Yourself, Too?

Celtic Shamrock Enamel CharmSince our charms come at such attractive prices, why not select a design for yourself as well?

Whether you choose the striking Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm shown at left, or any of our other charms, you’ll find that the quality that you receive is truly unparalleled.

Charms from this uniquely Celtic collection are unlike any others in the world. They feature a range of materials and embellishments, including sterling silver, shining enamel, birthstones, gold-plating and art glass, as well as traditional Celtic symbols, such as Trinity Knots, Claddagh motifs and Celtic spirals.

Selecting a variety of colors, textures and shapes will be the best way to create a custom charm bracelet configuration that is yours alone. Of course, changing it up will be as easy as adding charms, taking charms away or moving charms around on your bracelet.

In addition, it’s very easy to use these lovely charms as pendants. Just string your preferred charms on a silk thong, leather necklace or silver chain in order to enjoy a whole new look.

How you wear the collection is up to you. So, why not express your personal style by ordering a charm (or two, or three…) today?