Irish Tourism – Discover County Fermanagh

county fermanagh via Flikr Creative Commons attribution: Charlie PhilipsThese days, Northern Ireland has become a hot and happening tourist destination.

From the stunning Titanic Belfast exhibit to the natural splendour of County Antrim’s Giant’s Causeway, there is much more to this scenic and historic region than its history of “Troubles”…

One particular point of interest within this part of the Emerald Isle is County Fermanagh, which is one of Northern Ireland’s six counties. Situated in the province of Ulster, this county provides tourists with plenty of exciting things to see and do.

To help you learn more about County Fermanagh, we’ve created a fun-filled guide to a couple of its key attractions. Once you’ve discovered all that this Irish county has to offer, you may just be tempted to add it to your Ireland itinerary.

Historical Details

Church at Florencecourt - via Flikr, attribution: Charlie PhilipsBefore we spotlight a few exciting County Fermanagh attractions, let’s talk a bit about the history of this Northern Ireland enclave.

According to medieval Irish records, known as the Annals of Ulster, Fermanagh was the home of clan Maguire. This Irish clan created an empire in Ireland during the Middle Ages.

In time, one Maguire potentate, Hugh Maguire, lost a great deal of land due to confiscation practices which were spearheaded by the Government of England. This land was parcelled into five pieces.

Some sections of land were given to Scottish “undertakers” , while others were gifted to English “undertakers”.

During the Middle Ages, the term, “undertaker” had a different meaning – it related to land ownership.

Those who were “undertakers” were in line to receive confiscated lands, under the English government’s controversial Plantation Act, which most definitely cheated the Irish.

These lands were (and remain) rich, fertile and valuable.

To this day, County Fermanagh boasts agriculture as one of its main industries; tourism is the other…

Key Attractions

No trip to any part of Ireland is complete without a visit to a real Irish castle. When you plan a journey to County Fermanagh, you’ll be able to enjoy touring one of its premier tourist attractions, Castle Coole.

Purchased by the National Trust in the Fifties, this historical structure was formerly owned by the Earl of Belmore, who currently dwells in one wing of the castle.

The current Earl of Belmore is one in a long list of Earls of Belmore who’ve inhabited this stately, stone manse. In fact, the castle was built for the first Earl of Belmore…

Today, it’s possible to travel back in time by wandering through Castle Coole’s corridors and rooms.

Because the home features the same furniture that it’s always had (dating back to the Middle Ages), it’s a fascinating (and authentic) place to visit. Be sure to look for false doors as you peruse the castle, and do take a gander at the elegant, oval-shaped ballroom.

To add a bit of adventure to your County Fermanagh travel experience, make a point of checking out Marble Arch Caves. Situated in Florencecourt, this cave formation takes its name from a famous limestone arch which is located close by (and which rises above the scenic Cladagh River).

By visiting this cave system, which is the longest in the UK, you’ll be able to enjoy one of Northern Ireland’s most impressive natural attractions.

Now that we’ve talked about a couple of important tourist attractions in the county (and there are plenty more), let’s discuss another fun way to celebrate Irish culture.

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