Choose a Bold and Beautiful Ladies’ Wedding Band

Ladies Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding BandYour wedding band will be on your finger for a lifetime, so why not treat yourself to a design that really evokes your soul?

When you choose our exceptional Ladies Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band, you’ll be able to access a bold and beautiful, traditionally Irish design which features timeless symbols of love, loyalty and affection.

Because this wide band is adorned with shimmering, genuine diamonds and tender, crowned-heart-and-hands motifs, it’s a supremely glamorous example of stellar Celtic craftsmanship.

Available in sleek and shining 14k gold, this elegant ring will never get lost on your hand.

Because it has so much style and because it reflects centuries of Emerald Isle history and culture, this handmade design, which is crafted right in Ireland, is definitely the perfect choice for ladies with Irish heritage.

Why Not Give your Groom a Coordinating Wedding Ring?

Mens Claddagh Wedding Band

Now that you’ve learned about our ladies’ design, you may be curious about similar styles for grooms-to-be.

You may rest assured that it’s possible to give your groom a Celtic ring, in order to ensure that you both have the “Celtic look” on your wedding day (and beyond).

While we don’t offer a perfect match for men, we do provide a host of masculine and appealing Gents Celtic Wedding Rings, many of which feature Claddagh symbols.

So, why not treat the love of your life to a men’s wedding ring that is more meaningful and attractive than a plain gold wedding band?

One gorgeous example is shown at left. This Mens Claddagh Wedding Band is simple enough to appeal to most guys, who typically don’t want tons of ornamentation.

However, it is adorned with subtle Claddagh engraving, which give it tons of richness, depth and dimension.

Made from 14k gold, this design is available with a yellow or white gold finish.

About our Jewelry Designs

Because every piece of Celtic jewelry that we offer is handmade, right in the Emerald Isle, you’ll find that we provide only the most authentic designs. In addition, all of our jewelry is stamped for purity at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

In order to cater to clients with different budgets, we are proud of offer Celtic wedding bands in a variety of materials, from luxurious 14k gold or platinum (by special order) to affordable sterling silver.

For this reason, our Celtic wedding rings are accessible to almost everyone.

Choose a deluxe ring that is embellished with precious gems or go for a sterling silver design that has all of the workmanship and artistry of our high-end designs, without the bigger price tag.

Our devotion to customer service will ensure that you enjoy a superlative transaction. If you have questions about our wedding bands, you may reach out to our team by emailing us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.