Show Your Brave, Bold Spirit with our Celtic Warrior Earrings

Silver and 18k plating Celtic Warrior EarringsIf you’re looking for jewelry that is beautiful and elegant, while also referencing thousands of years of Irish, Scottish and Welsh history, you’ll adore our Silver and 18k Plating Celtic Warrior Earrings.

These exceptional earrings are inspired by an Irish war treasure known as the Ardagh Chalice.

Intricate in design and crafted of shining sterling silver, with 18k yellow gold accents, these affordable designs are tailor-made to help you show your own brave and bold Celtic spirit.

When you choose these earrings today, you’ll make a statement. Wearable and versatile, these symbolic pieces of jewelry send a message of strength that is undeniable.

To help you learn more about the meaning of these special earrings, let’s talk about the Ardagh Chalice and its history…

Our Earrings are Inspired by the Ardagh Chalice

Ardagh Chalice Wikipedia Commons Free Usage ImageAs you can see in the picture shown at left, the Ardagh Chalice features ancient Celtic warrior shield symbols.

Inspired by the elegant motif displayed on the front of this Irish war treasure, our artisans craft handmade Celtic warrior earrings that are truly superb in terms of their painstaking attention to detail.

Created in the 8th or 9th century, this chalice is a shining example of the mastery of Irish metal work, which continues to be world-renowned.

It’s rounded base and delicate, cloisoinee accents are crafted from silver, gold, gilt bronze, brass, lead pewter and enamel.

Today, the historic Ardagh Chalice is a symbol of Celtic bravery in battle, and it rests at the National Museum of Ireland.

Choose a Matching Necklace for a Strong, Signature Look

Silver and 18k Plating Celtic Warrior PendantWe also offer a dazzling warrior shield necklace, which comes in a choice of sizes. Go for the bigger version if you love bold jewelry, or select a small or medium pendant size for a more subtle effect.

This Silver and 18k Plating Celtic Warrior Pendant is designed to look glorious with any outfit, from casual togs to formal attire.

If this style really speaks to you, why not treat yourself to this stunning warrior shield design today?

By combining this pendant with our earrings, you’ll get a coordinated look that is strong, distinct and so very you.