September Giveaway: Win a Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring

Silver 3 Claddagh's Ring

This giveaway is over. The winner is Jennifer J Phillips. Jennifer has won our Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring. Congratulations Jennifer, and thanks to all those that took part. Watch out for next months giveaway; coming VERY soon!

Every month, we reward our loyal clientele (and reach out to new people) via our exciting Celtic jewelry giveaways.

This month, we’re proud to offer up a truly beautiful Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring, which captures the spirit of Irish love, loyalty and affection in a whole new way.

Designed to provide the winner with access to the most innovative Celtic jewelry design, which combines a fashionable, modern aesthetic with a trio of traditional Claddagh motifs (which date back to the Early Medieval Period), our elegant ring is the perfect way to show off the beauty of your hands and fingernails.

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In fact, if you’re the lucky winner, you may find that this ring becomes an integral part of your jewelry wardrobe. You’ll have until September 24th, 2013 to enter the contest…but why wait? Read on to find out just how easy it is to enter. Because our rules allow you to enter more than once (if you’re motivated to do so), it will be easy to maximize your chances.

Claddagh Rings Offer Poignant Symbolism

If your family background is Irish, you’ll discover that wearing this romantic design allows you to connect with your Emerald Isle ancestry in a whole new way. The very first Claddagh Ring was created by a Galway-born fisherman named Richard Joyce. During his travels at sea, Joyce was kidnapped by a Moorish man who forced him to work as a goldsmith. While enslaved so far from home, Joyce pined for his true love, Margaret.

In her honour, he crafted a golden ring which was adorned with a crowned-heart-and-hands motif. Eventually, fate did smile on this pair of star-crossed lovers… Joyce was freed and headed straight back to Galway City, where his adored Margaret still lived. She had waited for him, and she wore her new Claddagh ring with pride for the rest of her days. This romantic heritage of the very first Claddagh ring continues to intrigue and inspire new generations. If you win our exciting Claddagh ring this September, you’ll be able to enjoy the Claddagh legend, up close and personal…

How To Enter

In order to enter our contest, all that you’ll need to do is select your preferred entry method.

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Remember, the contest will only run until September 24th, 2013, so be sure to enter before that date. When you do so, you just may win this lovely ring. Use the simple and straightforward form below in order to log in to the contest. Best of luck from our Irish Celtic Jewels team!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

71 thoughts on “September Giveaway: Win a Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring

  1. What a unique ring. It is positively beautiful! We ordered our wedding rings from you in April and just love them. I am sure this ring is crafted as well as our wedding bands.


  3. I’m from Israel and we don’t have those kind of unique and Gentle rings.I love the ring!! I WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SAY- I WON THIS RING when I will be asked about it!!!

  4. My Facebook URL includes the name CLADDAGHGIRL. I have used it since I got my first computer! I love the claddagh and what it represents to the Irish.

  5. this is a simply beautiful ring. Our family is 100% Irish and this would be a lovely ring to pass down to my grandchildren.
    thanks for the opportunity.
    Selina McGrath Varich

  6. I love Claddiarngs and brings me back to my Irish roots.. hoping someday to go to Ireland as this was my recent other halfs dream also until he passed away in Oct te day before my birthday.. he tols his famiy and friends he was gonna take me there and also buy me a Cladda ring for my birthday, he never got the chance after he ws diagnosed with cancer and was gone in less than 4 mths. this has been a struggle since he passed away, but his love for me and for both of our roots going back to Ireland

    Hello from New Hampshire USA..

  7. I love all cladda items but am partial to rings. September 24th is my birthday, what a perfect birthday gift this would be.

  8. This is a very beautiful and special ring. The meaning makes it truly unique. My husband gave me a Claddagh for our 26 th Wedding Anniversary. September 10, we will be celebrating our 36 th Anniversary. Perhaps time for a 2nd…..Good luck all :-)

  9. I love my Celtic jewelry and where my claddagh ring and other celtic symbols everyday. This would go nicely with my other rings!

  10. This is a beautiful ring , I would love to win it as a memento of being born in Ireland many years ago and immegrating to the US as a young woman over 42 years ago

  11. I married an Irish man & have daughters that would LOVE a beautiful ring like that! THANKS for the opportunity!

  12. I love this ring! My b’day was 8/11. This would have been such a nice gift. Hint. Hint. *grin*

  13. I made the mistake of not buying a claddagh ring when I visited Ireland a couple years ago. I would love to have one as a memory of a fantastic vacation!

  14. Am I the only one who is having trouble with this website? I keep trying to enter the contest, but for some reason my entry isn’t going thru..I even tried to pin it for 2 entries, but it isn’t showing that I did that! I’m bummed!

  15. @Josie Cicotte

    Hi Josie, we’ve tested the giveaway a few times, and it appears to be working ok. Can you explain further what’s actually happening?


  16. The claddagh is my favorite my wedding band was ordered from Ireland with the claddagh & Celtic knots around it. I have a fairly large claddagh tattooed on my back that was 6 and a half hours worth of pain well worth it! I have the earrings and another claddagh ring with a diamond for the heart. I browse your pages and wish for almost all of it. TYVM

  17. I come from a long line of Bailey’s and Daley’s…I’ve longed for years to visit my family’s homeland but have been unable to..I have instead started collecting various things from favorite being the claddagh…I have a beautiful necklace that would look perfect paired with that ring!!

  18. I’m told I’m English, Irish and Welsh and born in Tennessee! Aren’t January babies are already confused? Anyone who really knows me, knows there’s Irish! Love this design, would be proud to wear it!

  19. The simplicity and respect embedded in this ring symbolizes the tradition of past to present in a unique manner.

  20. Love this ring. I had the trinity not on my wedding dress and a claddagh on my hand. The triple is a treat. It is very symbolic.

  21. I have several pieces of Claddagh inspired jewelry, bracelet, necklace and earrings, this would just set them off wonderfully!

  22. As I suspected and have recently discovered, were I so fortunate as to win the ring, I should wear it in a specific way.
    On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips. This means the wearer is single and may be looking for love.
    No may be about it – and I need all the help I can get to make this obvious. :)
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. Aloha.

  23. Proud to be Irish. Have Claddagh tattoo and Claddagh Mothers Ring that was specially made for me. My B-day is Sept 27th. I’m a huge fan and love Celtic Jewlery!!! :)

  24. i have had a single claddagh ring for years and wear it everyday…so much so that it is starting to wear down smooth. nothing would be better than to replace it with this ring

  25. I DEARLY would love to win this gorgeous Irish Claddagh ring. I am 100% Irish and Scot extraction, and this ring would be meaningful to me and to my family. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Selina McGrath Varich

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