Discover our New Birthstone Celtic Charm

Birthstone Tara's Diary CharmIf you love collecting charms for your personal charm bracelet, you’ll find that our newest addition offers tons of visual appeal, while also embodying centuries of Celtic symbolism.

Because our Birthstone Tara’s Diary Charm features a bold and curving Celtic spiral motif which symbolizes eternity and life-force, as well as a gemstone that may be personalized for your own month of birth, it’s really something special.

Designed to fit onto our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet or onto a Pandora charm bracelet, this sterling silver stunner is super-affordable, as it retails for only $54.00.

Perfect as a treat to yourself or as a special gift for a lovely lady, this elegant charm is an ideal (and very subtle) way to express your Irish, Scottish or Welsh pride. By honouring your heritage with this charm, you’ll discover a whole new way to connect with your Celtic ancestry.

Honour Your Celtic Ancestry with this Affordable Design

Celtic Shamrock Enamel CharmNow that you’ve learned more about this design, you may be interested in checking out some other charms from our collection, such as the pretty and delicate Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm ($37.00) which is displayed at left.

When worn together, these charms will provide the perfect (and personalized) blend of texture, color and shape.

To show you how this collection will allow you to create a custom configuration which is truly yours alone, let’s highlight one other exceptional charm from our collection…

You may view the full collection here: Tara’s Diary Charms.

Another Charm that We Love

Tara’s Diary Double Claddagh Dangle Charm

Tara's Diary Double Claddagh Dangle CharmThis gorgeous design is just so refined, classic and feminine.

Adorned with Irish Claddagh motifs that illustrate love and loyalty, our Tara’s Diary Double Claddagh Dangle Charm is really very beautiful.

By adding this dangle-style charm to your bracelet, you’ll express your love of Ireland (or simply your sense of Irish romance) in a very meaningful way.

Retailing for only $50.00, this affordable design (which, like all of our charms, is handmade in Ireland) displays painstaking attention to detail.

So, why not experience the wonders of traditional Celtic craftsmanship by ordering this lovely design today?

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about our birthstone charm and other designs from our Tara’s Diary Collection, you’ll be ready to enjoy the finest in Celtic jewelry, for very affordable prices.