Our Celtic Spiral Pendants Come in an Array of Colours and Shapes

Silver and Enamel Celtic Spiral PendantsIf you love choosing jewelry that really expresses your own sense of personal style, you’ll enjoy learning about our Silver and Enamel Celtic Spiral Pendants.

Because these elegant pieces come in a range of colours and shapes, they are designed to add a customized effect to your jewelry wardrobe.

Available in pristine winter white, in rich violet and in vibrant kelly-green, our pendants are crafted in heart, oval and circular shapes.

By choosing your preferred colour and shape, you’ll get an ideal look that is totally “you”.

Since every pendant is available for just $57.00, you may even be tempted to choose more than one.

Of course, these handmade designs, which feature traditional Celtic knot work patterns, will also make wonderful gift ideas for any special lady in your life.

Every sterling silver and enamel pendant is crafted right in Ireland for true authenticity, and then stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Which Celtic Pendant is Right for You?

Silver and Enamel Celtic Spiral PendantsThe intricate, curving patterns found on each Celtic pendant are symbolic of life-force and eternity.

These gentle spirals and interconnected lines are mystical, beautiful and so meaningful.  No matter which shape and shade you choose, you’ll find that these knot work patterns are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

In the Early Medieval Period, these patterns, which are also referred to as Celtic interlace, were popular expressions of Irish, Scottish and Welsh sensibility and spirituality.

Knot work designs were often used to adorn stone crosses, metalwork and illuminated manuscripts (the Book of Kells is one such manuscript).

The oval design featured above provides a lovely border for the bold and hypnotic patterns found within.

If you love the look of purple, choosing a violet design will be a great way to enjoy this classic and regal colour, while also honouring your Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Silver and Enamel Celtic Spiral PendantsAnother option is a pendant in bright kelly-green. Designed to stand out, this sort of design showcases the intricacy of Celtic interlace to absolute perfection.

Add a welcome shot of vibrant colour to every outfit, from basic jeans and a t-shirt to more formal attire, by choosing the round, green pendant shown at left, or go for a green pendant in an oval or heart shape.

As you an see, we offer so many great options, all of which are just so affordable.

Choose just one design which evokes your sense of personal style, or collect a variety of styles, in order to add colour, beauty and shape to your jewelry wardrobe.

Also, consider layering a few of these pendants for a fashionable look that references thousands of years of Celtic history and tradition.

Show your Celtic pride….order your own Silver and Enamel Celtic Spiral Pendant today.