Ireland Ranks at #4 in Worldwide “Dream Destinations” Survey

Ireland Wikiipedia Free Usage via Sarah777According to a new survey at Virtuoso Life Magazine, tourists from all over the world consider the Emerald Isle to be the globe’s fourth most desirable “dream destination”. But why?

Well, there are so many good reasons why Ireland is completely irresistible to visitors from every other country on earth.

In order to help you understand why the nation ranked so highly in this Travel Dreams Survey, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

By perusing our “reasons to visit Ireland”, you may just be inspired to book your very own Emerald Isle getaway.

Now, let’s explore a couple of key reasons why the Emerald Isle continues to intrigue and inspire, generation after generation…

Reasons to Visit Ireland

Irish Heritage

ShamrockIreland’s culture is founded on thousands of years of history, and it’s incredibly distinct.

Because the Irish people honour their heritage via a range of official historic sites all over the country, it’s possible for tourists to learn about these locations in a very hands-on way.

Examples of Emerald Isle heritage sites to enjoy include ancient estates and ring stone formations.

Now, let’s detail a couple of Irish historical sites which definitely belong in the “not to be missed” category…

Beaulieu House, Garden & Car Museum was erected between 1660 to 1680, and it’s one of the oldest unfortified estates in the country.

Those who visit the house may relax and enjoy as they are led through a tour of the structure and its manicured grounds.

In addition, since there is a car museum on-site, tourists will be able to get a look at some exciting makes and models, such as luxurious vintage designs, during their trips to Beaulieu House.

This stunning heritage site is located in Drogheda, County Louth.

Kenmare Stone Circle

Tourists who want a taste of ancient Celtic mysticism will find it at the ring stone formation known as Kenmare Stone Circle.

Situated just a few minutes’ walk from Kenmare Town, in picturesque County Kerry, this exciting stone relic hearkens back to a very different time.

Encircled by lush pine trees, a ring of fourteen stones surround one central, slab-shaped rock.

It’s believed that these ring stones were used during sacred ceremonies.


Ireland isn’t just about heritage. It’s also about the pulse of modern life, and this is why Dublin reigns as Ireland’s most bustling and vibrant city.

While there are historical attractions galore within city boundaries, there are also modern pleasures in abundance.

If you want a fail-safe way to experience Irish life, you’ll love Dublin and its warm, friendly people.

While visiting the city, you’ll find that there’s just so much to see and do, from exploring the hip Temple Bar area (with its upscale pubs, restaurants and hotels) to viewing the famous statue of Molly Malone (and perhaps doing a bit of shopping!) on O’Connell Street to visiting Trinity College, where the priceless illuminated manuscript known as the Book of Kells is proudly displayed.

It’s safe to say that no trip to the Emerald Isle is complete without a visit to Dublin.

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  1. My sister went to Ireland last year and had an awesome time. The pictures made me want to go so bad but my health will not let me. If ever I had a dream vacation it would be to go to Ireland. Thanks so much for your posts and pictures.

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