Ireland in the Year 1987

Irish iconsEvery once in a while, we enjoy taking a walk down memory lane, by travelling back in time, to the Ireland of yesteryear.

Our Ireland in the Year posts are inspired by an Irish documentary program, Reeling in the Years, which was televised by the Emerald Isle’s ITV network.

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Now, let’s go back to Eighties Ireland, when hair was styled high, political change was rampant and Irish musical group, U2, were thrilling fans with their own unique – and very Irish – brand of atmospheric arena rock.

Emerald Isle Highlights for 1987

1987 was filled with interesting developments on the political front, including a new election that reinforced Fianna Fail’s position as Ireland’s ruling party. Budget cuts were a key election issue.

Irish FlagGarret Fitzgerald resigned as the leader of the Fine Gael party during this pivotal time period, due to the failures experienced by his party during the election. His replacement was Alan Dukes.

Ireland’s new and stringent budget heralds the closure of many State-based agencies.

In addition, many hospitals close down or cut staff, thereby sparking widespread protest.

In England, Margaret Thatcher is also re-elected for her third term in office. She is the first British Prime Minister to accomplish this feat.


While these changes rock Ireland, scientists working in Antarctica find a large hole in the ozone layer.

On a lighter note, the popular Eurovision song contest crowns an Irish winner, as crooner Johnny Logan wins for his performance of, “Hold Me Now”.

He becomes the first contestant to reign victorious in two of these important competitions.

In the realm of sports, Ireland enjoys success in 1987, as the Emerald Isle trounces Scotland in the European Championship Qualifying Games. Ireland advances to the final for the first time.

In addition, Irish cyclist Stephen Roche becomes the winner of the Giro D’Italia, as well as the World Championship. Then, he becomes the first-ever Irish winner of the Tour de France!

Ireland’s notorious “Troubles” continue to cast a shadow, as an IRA unit attacks an RUC base. In retaliation, British forces plan an ambush, and eight IRA members, plus one innocent civilian, lose their lives.

Musical Hits in 1987 Ireland

New Order’s new wave sound resonated with Irish listeners in 1987, as their hypnotic hit, “True Faith”, received extensive airplay.

In addition, U2’s memorable power ballad, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, is a huge hit in the Emerald Isle and all over the world.

Rick Astley’s irresistable dance-pop hit, “Never Going to Give You Up”, also climbed the charts in 1987.

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