Celebrate the Beauty of Love with our Celtic Charm

Celtic Spiral Love CharmAre you looking for new charms for your charm bracelet?

If you are, you’ll find that our beautiful Celtic Spiral Love Charm is the perfect new addition to your existing collection.

Because this handcrafted charm features the word, “Love”(with a Celtic spiral in place of the letter, “O”), it’s a wonderful way to show your romantic spirit, while also honouring your own Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Crafted from shining, sterling silver and accented with 14k yellow gold, this elegant and whimsical piece is also a perfect gift idea for any lady that you love.

This charm will fit onto our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet, and it’s also designed to fit onto any Pandora charm bracelet.

Meant to coordinate with other signature pieces from our Tara’s Diary Collection, this charm may also be worn as a pendant.

Just put it on a silver chain or leather thong necklace in order to enjoy a fun new look that is just so romantic and inspiring.

Celtic Spirals Are Symbols of Life-force and Eternity

Newgrange Celtic Spirals - Wikipedia Creative Commons ImageCeltic spirals are enduring symbols of Celtic culture. If you travel to Ireland, you’ll be able to see these meaningful designs (which call to mind seashells) at the Newgrange Passage Tomb.

At this ancient tomb, spirals adorn burial mounds (which are situated at the front of the structure), adding spiritual significance, as well as rich, intricate beauty.

Symbolizing life-force and eternity, each curve of these gentle and visually pleasing patterns represents one element of life’s journey, from birth to death to spiritual rebirth.

If you appreciate the magic and mystery of Celtic spirals, this charm will be a resonant and evocative choice.

So, why not order your own design today?

Get the Whole Look – Choose Other Pieces from our Tara’s Diary Collection

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletTo create a truly stunning Celtic charm bracelet that expresses your personal style and your ancestry, why not select other charms from the collection?

You’ll have so many exciting options, from art glass beads to dangle charms to birthstone designs.

Many women enjoy choosing new charms in order to mark the special occasions in their lives, such as birthdays, marriages and anniversaries.

You’ll find that this collection provides the perfect blend of colors and textures.