August Giveaway: Win a Silver Claddagh Part Set Ring

Silver Claddagh Part Stone Set Ring

This giveaway is over. The winner is Colleen A. Mailly. Colleen has won our Silver Claddagh Part Set Ring. Congratulations Colleen, and thanks to all those that took part. Watch out for next months giveaway; coming VERY soon!

You deserve to experience the beauty and meaning of traditional Celtic jewelry.

Luckily, thanks to our August giveaway contest, there is a way to enjoy your very own handmade Celtic jewelry design, without spending a single penny.

To reward our valued clientele (and to show newcomers exactly what we have to offer), we run a monthly contest, whereby one winner receives an exquisite piece of sterling silver jewelry.

This August, we’re pleased to give away our dazzling Silver Claddagh Part Set Ring.

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Now, let’s take a look at this appealing design, feature by beautiful feature…

Then, we’ll let you know just how easy it is to enter our contest.

Enjoy Traditional Claddagh Beauty

Our delicate and feminine ring will always make your hands look gorgeous.

Because this elegant design is bestowed with a tender and romantic motif that is an integral part of Ireland’s rich history and culture, it’s an ideal way to honour your own Irish heritage.

Synbolic of love and loyalty, this crowned-heart-and-hands motif dates back to the Early Medieval Period.

To add a little touch of sparkle and glamour, our ring is also adorned with glittering green gemstones, which echo the beauty of Ireland’s velvety-green fields…

As you can see, this ring is utterly Irish, and it’s just so lovely to behold.

Now that you know a little more about our ring and its meaning, you may be ready to try and win this exciting prize. Luckily, entering is incredibly simple. Here’s how to do it:

How to Enter

In order to enter our contest, all that you’ll need to do is select your preferred entry method.

  • Like our Facebook page to get an instant 5 entries.
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  • Follow @IrishInspired on Twitter to earn 2 entries.
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  • Follow Ciara on Pinterest and you’ll get 2 entries.
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Remember, the contest will only run until August 24th, 2013, so be sure to enter before that date.

When you do, you just may win this stunning ring. Use the convenient form below in order to log in to the contest.

Best of luck from Irish Celtic Jewels!

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60 thoughts on “August Giveaway: Win a Silver Claddagh Part Set Ring

  1. Hi, we’ll I can tell you loyalty is deffinitly one the valued Irish traits. My husband is Irish with family members who came from Ireland in those difficult times. He is loyal to the bone and I am very thankful for that and honoured to have a real man of his stature. I love emeralds and to show his love for me he presented me with an emerald ring for my birthday this year in January. He wears a pendant I gave of his birthday in August that is Celtic. This ring you are presenting would be a very special symbol to wear and with pride.

  2. Ring is beautiful , all of ur Jewelery is one of a kind. I have many pieces and will continue to buy from ur website

  3. What a beautiful ring! My sister’s wedding ring is the Claddagh without stones, but the delicate green is such a nice touch.

  4. Would love to win. I am Irish and have red hair and don’t have any jewelry like this. I have always wanted a Claddagh ring. My birthday is in August and the green stones are perfect!

  5. This ring is gorgeous. My daughter’s birthday is in August and I would love to give this to her. I would be proud to wear it myself! Beautiful.

  6. This ring is so delicate and the emeralds really makes it timeless. Emeralds are my birth stone and would go to the top of my jewelery no matter the cost of mine. I love it, It’s just beautiful and I want it.

  7. I have an Irish background also, my relatives came from ireland and scotland. I have been getting more and more interested in where I came from. also this ring would make a nice birthday present, my birthday is coming up in august 7th and this would be nice thank you. I’m planning on a trip to Ireland in the coming years,

  8. beautiful, I love the way you have placed the stones on the side, very delicate looking.

  9. This would make an awesome birthday ring,,, i have an august birthday and irish heritage!!

  10. I love Ireland it is so beautiful and your ring is so beautiful, It reminds of my husband, He has been such a wonderful husband too me. We have been married since l964, I would be so honored too wear this ring too show him how much our marriage means too me and him.

  11. What a beautiful ring.I would love to win this for my birthday is the 15th. I don’t own any jewelry and this would be my first.

  12. This is a beautiful ring that I would wear with great Irish pride my grandfather came here from Ireland and still have relatives there. I have been wanting to go there for years. My dream is to take my mother there.

  13. My grandparents came from Ireland – I would love to have more Celtic Jewelry! Ireland is the one place I truly want to visit someday.

  14. My daughter’s Birthday is August 16(son too-twins) she would love me to win this for her.WOW!

  15. What a gorgeous ring; I am a green girl anyway with green eyes and Emerald (May 17) birthstone…my wedding colors were Ivory Me), Celedon(MOH & BM)and peach accents. My adoptive dad was 1/2 Irish and 1/2 German. I married into the Tone family (great, great, great grandpa or uncle “I get confused” was the IRA before there was one – Theobald Wolfe Tone “Wolfe Tone”). I would love to win this fabulous ring; and wear it proudly. :-)

  16. Ring is gorgeous. I love green colour on ring. Would love to win it as my 33rd wedding anniversary is at end of August.

  17. I have gone through three Claddaghs so far but none as beautiful as this one . I may give it to my grand daughter,her dad is from Letter Kenny .

    Thank you For Giving us the chance to to wear this awesome ring

  18. I don’t see where the entry for the contest is confirmed, so I hope it’s on entered.

  19. ”I really love claddagh ring’s” and any type of thing that is a claddagh on it,I’ve got irish blood in me as well so I really love all Irish jewelry but the CLADDAGH is my favorite piece,I really love the meanning behind the Claddagh simble,”Love Loyalty and Friendship”so awesome!!!!

  20. Beautiful ring…I wear only diamonds and emeralds, all of which have an Irish setting. I love being of Irish decent and show it proudly!

  21. Love if I win this I’m going to give it to my daughter, she has been wanting one for a long time

  22. I am Scot Irish and I love the jewelry they make. Also the knitting and crochet they do. This ring is very special to me as my Dad who passed away was born in May, the Emerald. The heart in the ring is so very special as it unites 2 hearts when worn. To me, it is the ultimate Irish Blessing.:)

  23. As we prepare for our 50th anniversary and renewal of vows I have a problem; I have gained weight and am no longer able to wear my wedding rings. Then I discovered your awesome website. The beautiful Claddagh that you are giving away not only has great meaning to both my husband and myself, the stones match my Irish green eyes (LOL).

  24. Absolutely love it! Seeing that my birthday is this month and I just turned 50! This would make me so happy :) as well as the fact I am of Irish descent.

  25. My grandmother is from County Mayo Ireland. Have yet to make trip back to Ireland. Would love to win the ring for myself to wear and then pass along to daughter (born in May/loves Emeralds) and grandaughters.

  26. I would love to have this ring because my grandfather was born in Dublin Ireland and even though I never got to meet him I am proud of that heritage! Also the emeralds made me think how my late husband wanted so bad to buy me an emerald ring when our oldest son was born in May of 1983. I lost my husband this past September and he never did get to buy me that ring but I always treasured the fact that he wanted to.

  27. my gradnparents were Irish & I was born on Friday the 13th in November – I would really love to win this ring – I would show it off like crazy

  28. I know I have already Commented… I love this ring! I have loved Claddagh Rings since my mom received one from my father when I was a child! This is beautiful! Green is my favorite color and this would be more of a memory of my Father who passed in May from cancer! Simply Beautiful!

  29. It would be a dream come true to win The Claddagh ring, my husband Mel & I have been married 43 years as of Aug 7th 2007th. money is very tight, we have been trying to move to our retirement home, which is a lot smaller, all three of our children not at home any longer. As you see, our son Matthew went to heaven Jan. 23, 2011 due to a heart problen, he was 23 years young, the dear lord above must have wanted him more than me. I miss him dearly.. he was my lively one! My husband Mel & I would like to renew our vows as soon as things are complete with the move to our home, and this ring would mean so much as a mew wedding band with the beginning to our new lift! Thank you for read my message…

  30. The ring is breathe taking..I have small claddagh ring but compare to this one it doesn’t compare..I bought this one to honor my Irish history. I would love this one because the beauty
    of the ring plus the beauty of the Irish people..Thank you

  31. I am 81 years old and celebrated my 63rd Wedding anniversary yesterday. My husband is 84 and he gave me flowers yesterday, but I would love to have this beautiful ring as an anniversary present. Thanks

  32. I lost my emerald/diamond Claddagh several years ago and have wanted to replace it ever since. It was a gift from my husband. Being Scotch-Irish the Claddagh is special. My ancestors came here in the early 1700s and fought in the Revolutionary War. If I don’t win I will definitely purchase one.

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