Our Elegant Stack Ring Showcases Celtic Pride

Tara's Diary Celtic Heart and Soul RingIf you’re of Celtic ancestry and you’re proud of it, you’ll enjoy wearing our elegant Tara’s Diary Celtic Heart and Soul Ring.

Because this engraved, sterling silver band features the words, “Celtic heart and soul”, it’s a perfect (yet subtle) way to reference your Celtic heritage, and it’s designed to look wonderful alone or when combined with any of our other Celtic stacking rings.

So affordable at just $51.00, this beautiful ring will also make a perfect gift idea for any special lady in your life. Of course, since it’s so reasonably-priced, it’s is really a great way to treat yourself.

So, why not order this lovely and authentic Celtic design today?

Create the Ideal Stacking Ring Configuration

Tara's Diary Celtic Heart and Soul Ring pic 2Our Tara’s Diary Stack Rings come in an exciting assortment of styles and finishes.

When you choose a few special rings that express your personal style to perfection, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique configuration that is truly yours alone.

Embellishments found on our beautiful rings include pearls, birthstones, Celtic symbols and shining enamels.

Since you’ll be able to change the way that you wear your rings, according to your mood (and your outfits!), you’ll find that they always add a little joy and playfulness to your day.

That’s why women all over the world choose Tara’s Diary Stack Rings as integral parts of their jewelry wardrobes.

The configuration shown above will be a great way to get started. This combination features our Tara’s Diary Celtic Heart and Soul Ring, our Tara’s Diary Stone Set Stacking Ring and our Tara’s Diary Celtic Symbols Stacking Ring.

Now that you know more about our “Celtic heart and soul” ring and other exciting and complementary designs, isn’t it time to start your own stacking ring collection?

When you do, you’ll be able to honour your Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, while also highlighting the beauty of your hands.

The Celtic symbols found on many of our stack rings date back centuries, and they all have hidden meanings. Themes of love, eternity and faith are prevalent in every line and curve of these timeless, hypnotic motifs.

Since each ring will be handmade right the Emerald Isle, these pretty designs are totally authentic.