Our Elegant Claddagh Ring Features Shimmering White Diamonds

Diamond Claddagh RingEmbrace the timeless spirit of Irish romance by choosing our exquisite, 14k White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring.

This beautiful ring is a veritable work of art, which is crafted by hand, right in the Emerald Isle.

Because its lovely, crowned-heart-and-hands motif is studded with shimmering, icy-white diamonds, it’s drop-dead glamourous, while also being such a tender expression of love, loyalty and affection.

Perfect as an engagement ring, a right-hand ring or an anniversary ring, this versatile stunner is elegant, unique and very beautiful to behold.

Since it has a gorgeous, monochrome white gold finish (14k), it is a truly sophisticated choice that is meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

Honour Centuries of Meaningful Claddagh Symbolism

ShamrockFor thousands of years, Irish couples have exhanged Claddagh rings in order to express their devotion for one another. Today, singles and partnered men and women continue to embrace the beauty and charm of Claddagh tradition.

The very first Claddagh ring dates back to the Early Medieval Period. This golden ring was created by a Galway, Ireland fisherman, who was sold into slavery after being kidnapped at sea, far from the Emerald Isle.

While being forced to work as a Moorish goldsmith, the former fisherman, whose name was Richard Joyce, continued to pine for the woman he left behind. Her name was Margaret, and he dreamed of being reunited with her one day.

Meanwhile, his true love also waited for him, so patiently, in Galway City.

His ring features a heart, topped with a crown and held by two tiny hands. The crown represented loyalty, as to a king, while the heart symbolized love and passion.

This crowned heart was held by the little hands, as though in offering. Undeniably romantic and quite moving, this unique motif continues to inspire today.

Richard Joyce was rewarded for his touching love and loyalty. He was released from slavery and returned to his native Galway, where he was reunited with his faithful love, Margaret.

She wore her Claddagh ring with pride, and they remained in love with one another for the rest of their lives…

Wear it Your Way

Ladies Diamond Set Trinity Knot Wedding BandIf you’d like to wear our Claddagh ring as an engagement ring, why not get the whole look by choosing one of our matching, diamond-studded Claddagh wedding bands?

The Ladies Diamond Claddagh & Knot Wedding Ring shown at left will add even more glitter to your Irish bridal jewelry look. Our other wedding bands are also ideal complements for our diamond engagement ring.

There is another fun way to customize your Claddagh ring.

Wear it with the crown facing inwards if you’re “taken”. If you’re single and looking for love, wear the crown facing outwards, away from you. This little signal will be noticed by those who know a bit about Irish Claddagh lore.