Show Your Faith with our Tara’s Diary Celtic Cross Stack Ring

Tara's Diary Celtic Cross Stack RingIf you’re of Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, you’ll find that our Tara’s Diary Celtic Cross Stack Ring is the perfect expression of your Celtic heritage and your Christan beliefs.

This signature design may be worn separately, or it may be combined with other Tara’s Diary Stack Rings, in order to create a special new look that is truly yours alone.

Crafted by hand, right in the Emerald Isle, this lovely ring features a sterling silver band and a gold-plated cross.

The cross is adorned with elegant and traditional Celtic engraving. Every ring is stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

This two-toned piece is designed to stand out.

When worn with other stack rings from our collection, it will add tons of color and rich texture.

Perfect as a treat for yourself, or as a special present for a lovely lady, this affordable piece retails for just $57.00.

Create a Dazzling Celtic Stack Ring Collection

Celtic Stacking RingsWhen it comes to creating an ideal Celtic stack ring configuration, the only limitation is your own imagination!

Because we offer enamelled stack rings which come in a rainbow-riot of colours, along with birthstone designs, engraved silver bands, pearl designs, and so much more, you may choose a preferred palette, and then select rings which suit your tastes to perfection.

In order to get a really interesting and beautiful look, combine a range of textures and embellishments, while keeping any enamelled rings (and gemstones) in the same colour family.

This way, you’ll ensure that your ring configuration has tons of visual impact, while still being coordinated.

For example, the stunning configuration shown at left features an enamelled band in green, plus a shamrock ring, a spiral silver band, a cross ring, a birthstone ring, and another engraved silver band. Together, it all works beautifully.

Since our rings are so reasonably-priced, they are a joy to collect….and they are truly so much fun to wear!

Explore the Tara’s Diary Collection Today

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletOur stacking rings are just one component in the Tara’s Diary Collection. We also offer stunning charms and an affordable starter bracelet.

If you already own a Pandora charm bracelet, you’ll find that almost every charm that we offer will fit onto your existing bracelet.

However, many women prefer to choose our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet and then add our beautiful charms, for a look that is one hundred percent Celtic.

So, why not explore the entire collection today?