Is a Claddagh Ring the Right Engagement Ring for You?

14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh RingIf you’re searching for a meaningful engagement ring that honours your Irish heritage, you will enjoy learning more about our exceptional 14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh Ring.

This truly Irish design offers all of the beauty of a traditional solitaire ring, while also featuring a tender, crowned-heart-and-hands setting, which symbolizes love, loyalty and affection.

For centuries, Irish men and women have exchanged these romantic rings, in lieu of plain gold wedding rings.

Today, many women who come from Irish family backgrounds enjoy adding a touch of Emerald Isle beauty to their lives, by wearing Claddagh engagement rings and matching wedding bands.

Because these rings are made by hand, every design is a veritable work of art.

Crafted from 14k white or yellow gold (choose your preferred finish for a perfect, custom effect), our signature design, which features a shimmering, .25 karat white diamond, is an ideal example of masterful Celtic craftsmanship.

Embrace the Beauty of Claddagh Tradition

The very first Claddagh ring, which is known as the Royal Claddagh Ring, was created by a Galway, Ireland native, Richard Joyce, while he was a slave in Moorish lands.

Bruce was a fishermen who was taken captive at sea and then forced to work as a goldsmith. Because he pined for his true love, Margaret, he used his new goldsmithing skills in order to create a unique ring in her honour.

In time, Bruce was freed from slavery, through the intervention of a British king. At this point, he travelled home to Galway, and then presented the ring that he made to his true love. Margaret.

Touchingly, she had waited faithfully for his return. Margaret wore her new design with pride for the rest of her days, and the couple lived happily ever after.

This romantic tale, and the beautiful ring that it inspired, form the roots of a powerful Irish tradition. Today, the Claddagh ring still resonates, as a perfect symbol of undying affection.

As you can see, the symbolism of our diamond Claddagh design is so appropriate for any bride-to-be. As a talisman and a gorgeous symbol of love and passion, the classic Claddagh Ring truly has no rival.

Choose a Matching Wedding Band for the Perfect Look

Ladies Claddagh Wedding BandIf you’ve decided that our Claddagh engagement ring is just what you’ve been looking for, you’ll be pleased to know that we also offer an assortment of lovely and coordinating Claddagh wedding bands, such as the elegant Ladies Claddagh Wedding Band displayed at left.

By choosing a matching band, you’ll enjoy a stunning bridal jewelry look that is different from all of the rest. Your engagement ring and wedding band will be beautiful enough to inspire you for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our romantic Claddagh engagement rings and wedding bands, please connect with our team today. You may reach out to us at the following email address: We look forward to hearing from you.