Irish Tourism – Discover Tralee, Ireland

Trallee - Attribution: Colin Parks, via Wikipedia's Creative CommonsKnown for its gorgeous and fragrant roses, including the famed, Rose of Tralee, this Irish enclave is the perfect place for a true Emerald Isle getaway.

If you’re considering a trip to Ireland, you’ll likely enjoy learning more about the charms of this scenic region. Since Tralee offers tourists so many wonderful things to see and do, this county town (of County Kerry, Ireland), is well worth a visit.

To help you learn more about this appealing area, we’ve created a quick guide which highlights some interesting facts about the town’s history, while also spotlighting a few entertaining activities and attractions.

Once you’ve read our guide, you may be tempted to admire the roses of Tralee, up-close and personal, during your next Emerald Isle holiday…

History of Tralee, Ireland

Rose of TraleeLocated in south-west Ireland, this town is situated along the northern side of beautiful Dingle Bay.

Tralee is found at the base of an ancient road which leads south, over the Slieve Mish Mountains.

This old roadway features a large stone known as Scotia’s Grave, which is reputed to be the burial place of the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Founded during the 13th century, by Anglo-Normans, Tralee became the preferred stronghold of the Earls of Desmond. However, in 1580, Tralee was burned, to pay back the Desmonds for their pivotal role in rebellions against the reigning English Queen, Elizabeth 1.

Today, the town is known for its elegant churches, its stunning, lush rose gardens, and its proximity to a variety of picturesque bays and small rivers.

Things to See and Do in Tralee, Ireland

Tralee features so many exciting attractions and things to do. One of the best is Kerry County Museum. This museum is found in the Ashe Memorial Hall in central Tralee. Museum curators collect and display objects which are significant to the history of County Kerry.

If you love examining archaeological artifacts and other relics of bygone times, you’ll adore what this well-stocked and famous museum has to offer. It’s safe to say that no visit to Tralee is complete without a visit to the museum, which provides those who tour its exhibits with a richer and deeper understanding of County Kerry and its people.

Blennerville Windmill is another interesting place to visit while in Tralee. This windmill was constructed by Sir Rowland Blennerhasett in 1800. However, it took only 46 years before the windmill, which is the largest in the region, fell into ruins. Today, this windmill, which has been lovingly restored by the Urban Council, is truly a sight to behold. Be sure to take your camera along so that you may capture this towering structure in all of its glory.

To experience the wonders of Irish storytelling, song and dance while you’re visiting Tralee, be sure to drop by the Siamsa Tire. This revered theatre is known for featuring traditional Irish entertainment that is second to none. When you catch a show at the Siamsa Tire, you’ll be able to enjoy Irish talent as its finest. After the show, be sure to grab a meal at one of the town’s traditional pubs or fine dining establishments.

Of course, you must take time to stop and smell the roses while in Tralee, Ireland. If you’re there when these lovely flowers are in bloom, be sure to stroll through the Town Park, where these stunning blossoms will be on display.

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