Irish Symbol Survey Results

Silver and Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Celtic PendantRecently, we held a contest in order to give away one of our handcrafted pieces of Celtic jewelry.

To make things fun and interesting, our contest featured a special survey, which asked each respondent which Irish symbol was his or her personal favourite.

Now, we’re ready to share our survey results with you. By checking out our survey results, you’ll be able to know exactly which Celtic motifs are the most popular.

The beautiful Silver and Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Celtic Pendant displayed at left should provide a little clue as to what people love the best….

In order to offer you a more detailed understanding of each symbol and its significance, we’ll also provide some information about the hidden meanings and histories of these traditional, often-mystical and fully bewitching designs.

Celtic Symbols Reflect Centuries of Tradition and Culture

Silver Medium Claddagh 'Love Loyalty Friendship' RingOnce you’ve read this post, you’ll know quite a lot about the heritage and beauty of Celtic symbols, and you may just be tempted to order a special piece of symbolic Celtic jewelry for yourself.

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Now, let’s take a look at our survey results…

Celtic Trinity Knots – (34.7% of entrants preferred these timeless symbols)

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot PendantStriking in its simplicity, the Trinity Knot is a symbol of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity), and it’s tied for first place in our survey, along with the Claddagh symbol.

But why?

Well, since it is a timeless symbol of Christan faith, while also representing thousands of years of Celtic culture and history, this design is filled with deep meaning and unparalleled historical significance.

Each Trinity Knot is crafted in a signature style known as Celtic knot work, or Celtic interlace.

The hypnotic and never-ending lines of Celtic interlace are designed to stimulate the eyes and the imagination.

Because the Trinity Knot is a shining example of this traditional, Celtic art form, it inspires and intrigues new generations.

Wearing a piece of Trinity Knot jewelry will always be a wonderful way to connect with the past, while also showing your beliefs to the world.

For example, choosing our stunning Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant, which retails for only $49.00, will allow you to enjoy this gorgeous symbol each and every day.

Irish monks from the Early Medieval Period were known to use this symbol in order to honour God. That’s why the beautiful Trinity Knot adorns stone crosses, illuminated manuscripts, and other spiritual works of art.

Claddagh Symbols – (34.7% of entrants preferred these romantic symbols)

Silver Medium Claddagh 'Love Loyalty Friendship' Tied for first place with the Celtic Trinity Knot, the romantic Claddagh symbol is obviously a beloved Celtic symbol.

Known for its meaningful motif, which features a crowned heart and hands, this inspiring Irish design illustrates love, loyalty and affection.

The first Claddagh symbol was created by an Irish fisherman who hailed from Galway. He was enslaved in Moorish lands, far from his Irish home and his true love, Margaret.

In her honour, he created a beautiful ring that featured the first Claddagh symbol. Centuries later, his handiwork continues to be revered.

Today, men and women all over the world show their own love and loyalty, by wearing Claddagh Rings, such as the exceptional Silver Medium Claddagh ‘Love Loyalty Friendship’ Ring ($42.00) shown here.

Celtic Crosses: (22.1% preferred these religious symbols)

Diamond & Emerald Silver Trinity Knot CrossCeltic crosses earned second place on our survey.

These distinctive, ringed crosses dot the landscape in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and they are loaded with religious symbolism, some of which is believed to precede Christianity and reference Pagan beliefs.

For example, the ring of each cross may symbolize the sun, which was worshipped by Pagans. Some historians believe that the ring was used by Christian monks, in order to help convert Pagans to Christianity.

These historians feel that the ring was meant to make Pagans feel more comfortable with embracing Christianity, since the symbol was familiar to them. The four branches of the Celtic Cross symbolize the four directions – east, west, north and south.

In time, the symbol evolved to become fully Christian. Today, it is a favourite of those who value their faith and wish to show pride in their Celtic heritage. Show your own faith and ancestry by choosing our embellished Diamond & Emerald Silver Trinity Knot Cross today.

Celtic Spirals – (4.2% of entrants preferred these mystical symbols)

Tara's Diary Spiral Spacer Bead CharmCeltic spirals, such as those displayed in our superlative Tara’s Diary Spiral Spacer Bead Charm ($32.00), tied with the Irish Shamrock for third place in our survey.

Clearly, many of our respondents adore the curving lines of traditional Celtic spirals, which mimic the gentle swirl patterns of seashells.

So pleasing to the eye, these ancient Celtic motifs symbolize life-force.

In fact, each turn of a Celtic spiral is meant to reflect one step on the journey through birth, life, death and spiritual rebirth.

Since this symbol has so much gravity, it’s no wonder it resonates with modern men and women.

Celtic spirals are found engraved upon the stone burial mounds at Ireland’s Newgrange Passage Tomb, which is situated in the coutnry’s scenic Boyne Valley.

Irish Shamrocks – (4.2% of entrants preferred these truly Irish symbols)

Tara's Diary Shamrock Stack RingThe Shamrock is a traditionally Irish symbol, which was used by Saint Patrick in order to prove the existence of God in the natural world.

Tied for third place with curving Celtic spirals, this charming design has the same meaning as our survey winner, the Trinity Knot.

Like the Trinity Knot, this motif symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each of its three tender leaves reference one aspect of the Holy Trinity.

No other symbol says “Ireland” like this one does. Anyone who admires a piece of Shamrock jewelry, such as the pretty, silver-and-enamel Tara’s Diary Shamrock Stack Ring ($57.00) shown here will instantly associate it with the Emerald Isle.

As the Shamrock really tells a story, it’s truly meaningful.

We’d love to hear why you chose a certain Celtic symbol as your personal pick, so we invite you to leave comments on this blog post. It will be fascinating to read your opinions about the beauty and meaning of these classic Irish, Scottish and Welsh motifs.s –