Treat Yourself to a Gorgeous Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm

Celtic Shamrock Enamel CharmOur dazzling and ultra-feminine Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm will be the perfect new addition to a Tara’s Diary Celtic Charm Bracelet or Pandora charm bracelet.

This delicate and beautiful design is crafted from polished enamel that will reflect the light. Gorgeous and totally handmade, this charm features a milky-white background that is adorned with multicolored Shamrock motifs.

Each charm also features elegant “Tara’s Diary” engraving, on a shining, sterling-silver background.

As you can see, our charm has so much to offer, and it’s also incredibly affordable, since it retails for just $37.00. So, why not treat yourself – or a special lady in your life – to this meaningful and symbolic design?

Irish Shamrocks are Symbols of Faith

ShamrockSaint Patrick used the tender Shamrock plant in order to illustrate the presence of God in the natural world.

Ireland’s patron saint believed that each of the Shamrock’s three leaves symbolized one element of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Today, the Shamrock is definitely Ireland’s most recognizable symbol.

If you’re looking for a subtle and stunning way to honour your own Emerald Isle heritage, you’ll find that our Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm is an ideal choice.

Because it’s elegant and uniquely Irish, and because it features spiritual symbolism that reflects thousands of years of Irish history and culture, our handcrafted design is bound to become one of your favourite charms.

To get creative, wear it on a silver or white gold chain, in order to enjoy a fun new necklace that is unlike any other.

Create a Celtic Charm Bracelet that is Truly Dazzling

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletBecause we offer a dazzling array of Tara’s Diary Charms, you’ll have the option of creating a truly striking configuration of charms.

Our designs feature tons of exciting embellishments, from symbolic engravings to art glass accents to gemstone, pearl and enamel design elements.

To get the perfect, customized look that you’ve been wanting, simply select a variety of charm shapes and textures. Then, your new Tara’s Diary charm bracelet will have incredible depth, richness and dimension.

To begin building the ultimate Celtic charm bracelet, order our affordable Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet today. Then, select our pretty Shamrock charm, and any other charms that suit your tastes.