Spoil Him with our Dazzling Gents Diamond Celtic Ring

Gents Diamond Celtic Wedding RingAre you a blushing bride-to-be? Do you want to offer your beloved groom-to-be the ultimate gold wedding band? If so, you’ll enjoy learning more about our Gents Diamond Celtic Wedding Ring.

If your fianc√© is of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, you’ll find that choosing this elegant and affordable design is the perfect way to honour his family background as you embark on a new life together.

Any man who wants more originality from his wedding band will really appreciate the design elements found on this elegant, masculine ring, which is handcrafted right in Ireland.

Each ring features Celtic interlace, which is accented with sparkling, genuine diamonds. Celtic interlace is knot work patterning that flows endlessly into itself. This type of traditional Celtic motif symbolizes eternity and the connectedness of all things.

Mystical and so pleasing to the eye, this substantial ring is meant to be worn and treasured for a lifetime. Available in 10k or 14k gold (yellow or white), this customizable design will be handmade right in Ireland, according to your exact specifications.

Choose the karat weight that suits your budget and preferences, and then select a finish that will work with his tastes and skin tone.

How to Choose the Right Finish

gift boxIn general, men with warmer skin tones will look best in yellow gold, while men with cooler skin tones will look great in white gold designs. To decide which he is, check the inside of his wrist.

Greenish-coloured veins signal a warm skin tone, while blueish veins denote a cool skin tone. Another strategy is to choose the gold finish that he currently wears.

In other words, if he has necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches or other rings that are a certain colour, it’s safe to select that tone for his wedding band, because it is obviously his favorite finish.

His new ring will be shipped out in a stunning presentation box which protects the ring and showcases its unique beauty. Each wedding band will be stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Choose a Matching Ladies Band for a Perfectly Coordinated Look

Ladies Diamond Celtic Wedding RingExchanging matching wedding bands will be a wonderful way to embrace the Celtic spirit as you marry. To get a perfect match, choose our exquisite Ladies Diamond Celtic Wedding Ring.

This signature design is a more delicate version of the men’s design shown above, and it offers plenty of shimmer, sparkle and symbolism.

Also available in 10k and 14k yellow and white gold finishes, this ring is a perfect expression of infinity and everlasting love.

To complement this wedding band, consider choosing one of our Celtic engagement rings.


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