April, 2013 Roundup: Irish Stories Around the Web

Celtic Shamrock CharmWhether your family background is Irish, or you simply enjoy learning new facts about Emerald Isle events and culture, you’ll find that we provide some interesting and current information about am assortment of Irish topics and happenings.

To help you get the Irish-inspired facts and entertainment that you’re searching for, we’ve compiled a daily news feed that will permit you to discover the most interesting and compelling Irish blogs, pictures, videos, special events and articles.

By giving you access to an easy way to learn more about Ireland and its citizens, we make it possible for you to enjoy a more detailed understanding of your own Emerald Isle heritage.

When you follow our regular newsround posts, you’ll never miss anything, and you’ll learn so much about Irish history, culture and special events…

This month, we showcased a range of fascinating resources, all of which highlight the exceptional beauty and character of Ireland (and Irish-Americans).

April 2013 Highlights

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