Display Your Personal Style with our Elegant Claddagh Engagement Ring

14k Diamond Set Engagement Claddagh RingIf you want an engagement ring that honours your Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, while also reflecting your own sense of style, you’ll adore our elegant 14k Diamond Set Engagement Claddagh Ring.

This gold and diamond stunner puts a modern spin on a timeless classic, allowing ladies to access bold and unique design elements that are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Each ring features three diamonds, all in a row, as well as a stunning setting that is engraved with tender and romantic Claddagh motifs.

When you choose this exceptional engagement ring, you may select white gold or white-and-yellow gold, in order to access the perfect finish.

Affordable and so beautiful, this gorgeous ring is a symbol of love, loyalty and affection.

We Offer Handmade Quality and True Authenticity

All Celtic engagement rings are not created equal. For example, some aren’t even made by hand! If you want a high-quality ring that is handcrafted right in the Emerald Isle, you’ll find that we offer exactly what you are looking for.

Our rings are created by Irish artisans who respect the ancient traditions of masterful Celtic metal work. Inspired by the beauty of Celtic art treasures from the Early Medieval Period, these skilled craftspeople put painstaking attention to detail into every single ring that they make.

When you receive your new Celtic engagement ring, you’ll marvel at its striking details and its stunning workmanship. If you like, you may also choose from our selection of complementary Celtic wedding rings, in order to create a truly beautiful bridal jewelry look.

We also offer gent’s wedding bands, so you and your groom-to-be may enjoy perfect coordination on your wedding day and beyond.

Get the Unique Bridal Jewelry Look that you Crave

14k Diamond Set Engagement Claddagh RingDon’t settle for a plain engagement ring that doesn’t really reflect who you are. Instead, choose a truly innovative design that captures the spirit of bygone days, while also having modern elements.

This intriguing design will be so comfortable to wear, and it will make your hands look more beautiful.

Accent the features of this exciting design with a fresh manicure, and then enjoy showing off your new ring to everyone that you know.

Since this Celtic engagement ring is just so original, it’s meant for women who want something different, and it’s guaranteed to get lots of positive attention from friends and family.

Show the world how much you value your Celtic ancestry. Choose this elegant and inspiring engagement ring today.