Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win a Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot PendantMother’s Day is on the horizon. If you want to surprise your beautiful, loving mother with a special gift that honours her Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, you’ll love our fun new contest.

When you enter, you’ll be eligible to win a gorgeous Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant that is quite simply the ideal gift idea for this May 12th, 2013.

This lustrous, elegant and meaningful design features the finest silver and a genuine freshwater pearl. Your Mom’s eyes will light up when she sees her new Celtic jewelry design, which is so pretty, you may just be tempted to keep it for yourself!

Now, let’s talk about the way that our new contest works. Since the contest will run until May 3rd, 2013, there’s still plenty of time to enter and win…

We’ve done our best to make participation in this contest very simple and straightforward, so do enter today.

How to Enter our Mother’s Day Contest

To give you lots of options, we’ve created a series of ways to enter our jewelry contest. In order to enter, you may do one of the following in the giveaway box at the bottom of this page:

1) Leave a comment on our blog. In order to make sure that your entry is recorded, simply leave your comment at the bottom of this page and then click “I commented” on the competition entry box.. When you comment, be sure to tell us how great your Mother is and why she deserves this jewelry gift for Mother’s Day. When you follow this simple process, you’ll earn one entry.

2) Like our Facebook page. It only takes a second to do this, and you’ll earn one entry when you do it.

3) Pin the photo of our pendant onto your Pinterest page. Don’t forget to copy and paste the url address before clicking the “I pinned it button”. Once you’ve correctly pinned the photograph, you’ll earn one entry.

4) Tweet about this contest. When you do, make a point of copying and pasting the url address before clicking “I tweeted it”. When you do, you’ll get one entry.

5) Follow us on Twitter. Don’t forget to enter your Twitter username. This will earn you one entry

To reward the truly motivated, we’ve added some supplementary rules that give Celtic jewelry fans even more chances to win. The more entries you make, they more chance you’ll have to win.

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Why This Celtic Pendant is So Special

Because this exciting pearl pendant features one of the Celtic people’s most ancient and spiritual symbols, it carries a hidden meaning. Each Trinity Knot motif features three interlocking segments that illustrate the Holy Trinity. Celebrate the beauty and resonance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit by offering this special Celtic pendant to your Mom.

21 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win a Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant

  1. My mother is absolutely wonderful. She raised 3 children on her own and is now helping to raise 4 grandchildren. We couldn’t do it without her.

  2. My mother (a natural Irish redhead) deserves this special gift because she tirelessly devotes her life to teaching (35+ years) and loving others’ children as much as her own.

  3. This wouldn’t be for my mother, but for my daughter who became a first time mother this year. I have never been so proud of my daughter than the moment I saw my beloved grand-daughter in her arms for the first time. She has embraced motherhood with the same determination and zest as she has embraced life itself. Being that her birthday is in June, I think the pearl would be a perfect first mother’s day gift and I would be honored if I could be luck enough to give to her.

  4. As a mother, she was always there to support and encourage her two boys growing up in schooling, sports and relationships. Now that they are men, she still can offer advice and love to them as they require.

    She has a great sense of humour and is willing to try anything. She loves to camp, travel, yoga classes and take photography…just a fun girl.

  5. My mom was very devout. She would especially have loved the beautiful religious symbolism of the Trinity knot.

  6. Everyone would say his other is the best)) I just love my mom so much, I want her to have this beautiful pendant. She deserves it for devotion and love she gave me)

  7. Every mother deserves to feel special on Mother’s day. I haven’t always appreciated what my mother has done for my siblings and I. We haven’t always gotten along but since I’ve been at college she has become more special to me. My eyes have been opened to the things she does for my family. I believe true love is sacrifice and she has sacrificed so much for us. I would love to be able to give this necklace to her as the smallest of tokens to show her how much I truly appreciate her.

  8. This knot symbolizes the love and strength the larger top loop (mom!) has to be to carry the ‘weight’ of her (2) daughters! My Mother is a Joy, my best friend. I am the woman and mom I am today because of how respectful she raised me.

  9. Being married to an Irishman, I appreciate tradition…especially when it comes to jewelry!

  10. My Mom raised seven children and still worries about how our lives are going as we all get older. She always gave so much love and care to us. Now that she is older we are all giving as much back to her so she knows we all love her.

  11. I just wanted to thank everybody that took the time to enter our giveaway. The winner was chosen this morning. A big congrats to Melody Imus. Keep posted for more giveaways and competitions.

  12. I got a pair of pearls and set them in a celtic knot to give to my little ole Irish Mum as earrings. If I am lucky enough to win, this would be a beautiful birthday gift to match up the necklace with the earrings.

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