How to Add Celtic Beauty to your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Bride and GroomIf you’re planning a wedding ceremony and reception this summer, and your family background is Irish, Scottish or Welsh, you may really enjoy adding some traditional Celtic elements to your romantic celebration.

By honoring your ancestry on your special day, you’ll add character and beauty to your wedding and reception, and you’ll capture the essence of thousands of years of Celtic culture and history.

Certain Celtic rituals and traditions are also very romantic and inspiring, so they are perfect choices for this type of special occasion.

Whether you choose to plan a medieval-style Celtic wedding with a sense of whimsy and playfulness or opt to add subtle elements (such as Celtic motifs), to your wedding invitations, wedding cake and table settings, you’ll find that a little (or a lot) of Celtic inspiration will lend significant charm to the big day.

Now, let’s look at some of the best ways to conjure up the spirit of Ireland, Scotland or Wales as you walk down the aisle…

Choose Celtic Wedding Jewelry


White Gold Trinity Diamond Engagement RingOne of the simplest, smartest and most meaningful ways to add Celtic beauty to your wedding is through the selection of a handmade Celtic engagement ring, such as the lovely White Gold Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring shown at left.

Because this engagement ring features ancient Trinity Knots, which represent Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity), it is a touching symbol of faith.

For centuries, the Celts have used the simple and striking Trinity Knot motif in order to honor God.

By choosing an elegant Trinity Knot engagement ring, you’ll connect with your rich Celtic heritage. Since all of our beautiful diamond rings are crafted right in Ireland, and are available with a range of diamond sizes (you may even choose a “no-diamond” option and then add your own gemstone), you’ll be choosing truly authentic Celtic jewelry that is meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

To finish the look, choose one of our complementary Celtic wedding bands. These gorgeous designs are available for bride and groom, and they offer the perfect way to add symbolic beauty to your wedding day.

Add Celtic Motifs to your Cake, Invitations and Table Settings

14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh RingGet creative by using the most resonant symbols of the Celts to add elegance and character to your wedding decor. Trinity Knots are simple to execute and look wonderful. However, there are other symbols to consider, such as Irish Claddagh symbols.

Claddagh symbols feature a “crowned heart and hands” motif that illustrates love and loyalty. Romantic and so appropriate for the occasion, this symbol will add a true Irish spirit to your nuptials. This motif is featured on our pretty 14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh Ring (as shown at left).

Other examples of Celtic symbols include Celtic spirals, Shamrocks and Ogham script designs. Choose your favorites, and then utilize them in order to add charm to your wedding cake, invitations and table settings.

If you’re crafty, you may be able to add these symbols on your own. For example, candlesticks or votive tea light holders might feature metallic Trinity Knots. Stencils are available for most popular Celtic symbols, and they may be found at craft stores or scrap booking stores.

It’s also possible to make your own stencils, so don’t be afraid to test out some homemade craft projects that will elevate your wedding decor, without busting your wedding budget.

Use Irish Blessings as Reception Toasts

shamrockThe legendary Irish “gift of gab” has resulted in some stunning literature, poetry and music. Today, many couples reference the eloquence of the Irish by using traditional Irish blessings and toasts during their wedding receptions.

This simple method of adding Celtic flavour to a wedding celebration is guaranteed to please. One example of an Irish blessing that will work for the occasion is:

May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness. From this day forward.

Now that you know some fun and simple ways to make your wedding a truly Celtic celebration, you’ll be ready to embrace your heritage as you prepare for the next milestone in your life…