Our Celtic Shamrock Charm is Perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day

Celtic Shamrock CharmSaint Patrick’s Day is on the horizon. If you’re planning to celebrate this uniquely Irish special occasion, why not wear a beautiful, handmade Celtic Shamrock Charm that really shows your Emerald Isle pride?

Our pretty and colorful charm will fit onto our Tara’s Diary Celtic Charm Bracelet, and it will also fit on a Pandora bracelet. Crafted from sterling silver and fine green enamel, this exceptional design reflects thousands of years of Celtic culture and history.

The tender Shamrock plant is Ireland’s most beloved and recognizable symbol. Each leaf represents one part of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

This touching symbol of faith was used by Saint Patrick, in order to convert Pagans to Christ. Saint Patrick believed that the Shamrock illustrated the presence of God in the natural world.

Today, the Shamrock remains a poignant reminder of Ireland’s rich spiritual legacy…

Enjoy Affordable, Handmade Quality

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletOur lovely Shamrock charm is just one of the meaningful and beautiful charms that we offer.

When you create your own Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet, you’ll be able to wear the ancient symbols of Ireland, Scotland and Wales whenever the mood strikes.

Many women wear their Celtic charm bracelets daily, as they are incredibly unique, distinctive and symbolic.

Charms in the collection run the gamut, from delicate art-glass beads that add a shot of bright color, to bold, square charms that are engraved with Trinity Knots, Claddagh symbols and Celtic spirals.

Perfect as a treat to yourself, or as a special present for any lady with Celtic ancestry, these unforgettable charms are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

Why Not Order your Own Celtic Shamrock Charm Today?

Since our inspiring Celtic Shamrock Charm retails for just $60.00, it’s such an affordable way to add a little Saint Patrick’s Day style to your March 17th outfit. Handmade right in the Emerald Isle, each design is also stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

So, what are you waiting for? Show your Irish pride by ordering your own Shamrock charm today.