Celebrate the Life and Times of Saint Patrick

ShamrockAre you getting into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit? If you are, you may be looking for a few fascinating facts about Ireland’s most famous saint.

To help you embrace the legacy of Saint Patrick, we’ve compiled a few interesting tidbits about the life and times of this Irish icon.

Today, the spirit of the late Saint Patrick, which is usually celebrated through Saint Patrick’s Day parades, festivals and family get-togethers, definitely lives on. By learning more about him, you’ll enrich your entire Saint Paddy’s Day experience.

Now, let’s discover how a small boy from Wales grew up to become Ireland’s most revered and beloved saint…

The Life of Times of Saint Patrick

Tara's Diary Green Shamrock and Crystals CharmWithout understanding who Saint Patrick really was and how his devotion to Christ shaped Ireland’s destiny, it’s difficult to appreciate Saint Paddy’s Day in a deep and meaningful way.

By learning more about the life and times of Ireland’s patron saint, you’ll be ready to celebrate his many achievements on March 17th.

Young Patrick was born into a rich family in Wales, at the denouement of the fourth century. When he turned 16, he was captured by Irish raiders and then taken across the Irish Sea. For several years, he was forced to work as a shepherd, tending his flock in dreary solitude.

During this pivotal period, he used religion to stay emotionally and mentally balanced. By enbracing Christianity during the dark days of his captivity, he developed the sort of faith that could never be shaken.

After six years went by, Patrick heard the voice of God, which told him to leave Ireland. He then made the decision to escape from his oppressors. Patrick travelled back to Wales, his homeland.

At this point, another vision came, in the form of an angel, who instructed him to convert the Irish to Christianity. Patrick listened and then spent the next 14 years of his life learning the Gospel and becoming an accomplished and respected priest.

After his training was completed, he returned to the Emerald Isle, where he spent his life building churches and teaching the Irish (many of whom still followed the Pagan faith) about Christianity.

Patrick continued his good works for the next thirty years, until he passed away.

Today, the legend of Saint Patrick lives on in the tender Shamrock symbol (as displayed above, on our lovely Tara’s Diary Green Shamrock and Crystals Charm). Patrick used the three-leaf Shamrock in order to illustrate the presence of God in the natural world.

He believed that each leaf represented one element of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

How Will You Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Celtic Shamrock Enamel CharmIreland is known for its shamrocks, its saints, its music and poetry, its rolling green hills, and even its “lucky leprechauns”and supernatural myths.

These days, the resonant culture of the Emerald Isle, which has remained strong and distinct throughout the centuries, is a central focus on Saint Patrick’s Day.

From Dublin to the Big Apple and beyond, the whole world seems to say, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” on March 17th.

To make the most of the big day, be sure to attend a parade or festival.

If you can’t make it to one of these events, be sure to take a quiet moment to ponder (and honour) Saint Patrick’s achievements.