Treat Yourself to One of Our Romantic Claddagh Rings

Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring No piece of jewelry could be more traditionally Irish than a classic Claddagh ring.

If you’re looking for a lovely Claddagh ring that will help you to connect with your own Emerald Isle heritage, you’ll adore the choices that we offer.

Available for men and women, our handcrafted Claddagh rings are beautiful expressions of love, loyalty and friendship.

We offer a range of choices, from bejewelled designs with modern appeal (such as the Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring shown above), to very classic styles that look just the same as the very first Claddagh ring did!

This first ring, which is called the Royal Claddagh Ring, was created by an Irish fisherman, Richard Joyce, way back in the Middle Ages.

Discover the Ultimate in Irish Romantic Symbolism

Claddagh Diamond Set Emerald Heart RingTo give you a taste of what we offer, as well as a fascinating glimpse into Claddagh lore and history, we’ve created a special blog post that is devoted to the resonant beauty of the Claddagh, crowned-heart-and-hands design.

To truly understand the beauty and meaning of the Irish Claddagh Ring, you will need to travel back in time…

By learning the poignant story of the very first Claddagh Ring, you’ll come to understand why this romantic design continues to inspire new generations.

Since the Royal Claddagh Ring was created in the spirit of everlasting love, it remains a symbol of fidelity, faith and passion.

The Claddagh Story

The first Claddagh ring was created five hundred years ago, by a fisherman from Galway, Ireland.

Like many Gaelic fishermen of his day, Richard Joyce went to sea to make his fortune.

He ended up on a merchant vessel in Moorish lands, very far from the emerald green fields and blue-grey waters of his native Ireland.

While working on the merchant vessel, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Forced to work for a Moorish goldsmith, he pined for the woman he’d left behind in Galway.

Her name was Margaret. To honor his undying love for her, he crafted a golden ring embellished with a unique, crowned-heart-and-hands design.

The crowned heart symbolized loyalty in love, while the tiny hands seemed to “offer” his heart to his one true love.

Eventually, the British King arranged the release of all slaves who were subjects of the Crown, and Richard Joyce tasted freedom once more.

Upon his return to Galway, he presented the first Claddagh ring to Margaret. She had waited faithfully for him, for all of those long years.

Now that you understand the significance of this special design, you may want to choose a special Claddagh ring of your own.

So, let’s have a look at a few of our most intriguing designs…

Highlights from our Claddagh Ring Collection

The 14k Ladies Claddagh Ring…

Possibly our most classic and traditional design, our stunning 14k Ladies Claddagh Ring looks just like the very first, Royal Claddagh Ring.

This elegant design is made by hand in Ireland.

Every ring that we offer will be stamped for purity at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

As a gift to yourself, or a present for a special lady, this romantic ring is truly second to none.

Substantial and so easy to wear, our striking and versatile Claddagh design is of heirloom quality.

We also offer a complementary men’s design, the Gents Claddagh Very Heavy Ring.

Wearing these matching designs as wedding bands will be an ideal way to celebrate the spirit of Irish romance as you marry.

The Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring…

Silver Claddagh Birthstone RingCrafted of affordable sterling silver, our pretty Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring is a time-honored favorite.

When you order this exquisite design today, you’ll be able to choose your preferred birthstone, for a truly customized effect.

If you’re searching for a thoughtful and personal gift that is sure to please, offering this uniquely Irish ring to a friend or loved one will be the perfect way to show that you really care.

Each Claddagh design will be sent out in a lovely gift box, direct from Ireland.

To enjoy true Emerald Isle authenticity, be sure and treat yourself (or a special woman in your life) to this beautiful ring.

The Claddagh Diamond Set Emerald Heart Ring…

Claddagh Diamond Set Emerald Heart RingOur luxurious Claddagh Diamond Set Emerald Heart Ring is a true work of art.

Created by skilled Irish artisans who respect the ancient traditions of masterful metal work, this unforgettable design features a heart-shaped, genuine emerald that is surrounded by glittering, icy-white diamonds.

Perfect as an engagement ring or anniversary ring, this bejewelled dazzler is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

This ring is available in 14k white or yellow gold, or in a more affordable 10k yellow or white gold finish.


Now that you’ve learned more about the Claddagh story, and our lovely assortment of hand-made, authentic Claddagh Rings, why not choose your favorite today?