Ireland in the Year 2002

ShamrockNow and then, we travel back in time, to the Ireland of yesteryear…

Our “Ireland in the Year…” posts are inspired by an Irish documentary television program, Reeling in the Years, which spotlighted political happenings and cultural trends from particular years in Irish history.

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Today, we’d like to travel back in time, to Ireland in the year 2002…

Important Emerald Isle Events of 2002

In January of 2002, the Irish said goodbye to their pounds and pence, embracing the new Euro. The transition was fairly smooth, and heralded a new era of unity and commerce within the European Union.

During the same month, Soviet politician Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin.

Those who sought to protect the sanctity of the Gaelic language were hard at work in Ireland in 2002. A special report, known as the Coimisiun na Gaeltachta, was released, and it detailed a strategy for making the role of the Irish language stronger in coming years.

In the spring, a general election occurred, which resulted in the election of the Fianna Fail Progressive Democrats. This political party did very well, being the first re-elected party in Ireland since the late 1960s.

In the summer, Irish football stars prepared for the World Cup. Unfortunately, the Republic of Ireland was eventually eliminated from this World Cup tournament, on penalties, after launching a superb comeback attempt against Spain.

During the fall, Geraldine Kennedy, earned top spot as the first female editor of the prestigious Irish Times newspaper.

Check out Reeling in the Years for 2002

Reeling in the Years offered a unique documentary format that viewers just couldn’t resist.

This television programme featured musical hits from the decade, quick captions that explained current events, and a lots of fun snippets that detailed cultural trends and fads.

Very popular upon its release, Reeling in the Years remains a favorite at YouTube.

Kate Winslet Tops the Irish Hit Parade in 2002

During 2002, English actress Kate Winslet occupied the #1 spot on the Irish music charts, with her single, “What If”. This song was recorded for the animated film, Christmas Carol: the Movie.

Other hits for this year including Pink’s “Get the Party Started” and “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias.

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