Celebrate Ireland with our Tara’s Diary Shamrock Stack Ring

Tara's Diary Shamrock Stack RingIf you love delicate, feminine rings that are tailor-made for stacking, you’ll adore our unique and affordable Tara’s Diary Shamrock Stack Ring.

This cheerful and meaningful design may be worn with complementary rings from our Tara’s Diary Stack Rings collection.

Of course, it may also be worn alone to add a touch of Irish beauty to your day.

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry that will let everyone know that you’re proud of your Irish heritage, you’ll find that this simple and striking design is the perfect choice.

Crafted from fine sterling silver and high-quality enamel, this handcrafted ring comes direct from Ireland, and it features the Emerald Isle’s most recognizable and beloved symbol.

In addition, each ring features rope-like detailing to add more richness and dimension.

The Shamrock symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick used the Shamrock plant to show the existence of God in the natural world.

Today, the Shamrock is synonymous with Ireland. When you wear your Tara’s Diary Shamrock Stack Ring, everyone will know that you’ve got a little Irish blood.

How to Wear It

Celtic Stacking RingsWhen you collect pieces from the Tara’s Diary Stack Rings collection, you may create a configuration that really expresses your own sense of personal style.

The rings shown at left are just one example of what it possible.

When you choose gemstone rings, golden cross rings, engraved silver bands, and enamel bands that feature ancient Celtic symbols, you’ll create a magnificent stack ring configuration that has so much texture, color, symbolism and beauty.

Since these high-quality rings are quite inexpensive, treating yourself to a few complementary rings won’t bust your budget.

In addition, you’ll always be able to add more rings over time. Some ladies select new rings in order to honor new milestones in their lives.

As a gift idea for a special woman, our Tara’s Diary Shamrock Stack ring is an ideal choice.

Giving her a few rings that she may wear together is also a wonderful idea.

Since each piece is created by hand, right in the Emerald Isle, these reasonably-priced rings offer tremendous authenticity and meaning.

Many of our stack rings comes in different colors (such as red, green, violet and white), in order to give women customized effects that are perfect for their tastes and coloring.