Celebrate Celtic Culture with our Silver Tree Of Life Earrings

Silver Tree Of Life EarringsIf you’re searching for a special pair of Celtic earrings that really evoke the beauty of Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture, you’ll adore our exquisite Silver Tree Of Life Earrings.

Adorned with delicate, ornate tree motifs that feature glittering green CZ gemstones, these sterling silver earrings are feminine, mystical and absolutely beautiful.

Very affordable at just $86.00 per pair, these earrings depict the Celtic Tree of Life…

About the Celtic Tree of Life

This ancient symbol represents the interconnectedness of all things. The roots of the tree symbolize the Underworld, the trunk illustrates the earthly plane, and the branches represent the celestial realm.

The Celts believed in spirits, who populated the Underworld and sometimes made their presence known on the earthly plane (on Samhain, for example).

In addition, Celtic Pagans believed in a heavenly realm where the Great Goddess ruled. The Great Goddess was honored on Beltane, an outdoor festival that celebrated the advent of spring.

Today, our jewelry artisans have created these special earrings to celebrate the Celtic Tree of Life and its rich meaning. By choosing these earrings, you’ll connect with your own Celtic heritage.

Perfect for gift-giving, these lovely, handcrafted earrings are made right in Ireland, for true authenticity. Each earring is stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

So, why not treat yourself (or someone special) to gorgeous earrings that also tell a fascinating story? If you like, you may also choose a coordinating Silver Tree Of Life Pendant.