Our Irish Aran Sweater Charm is a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Tara's Diary Irish Aran Sweater CharmNothing is more traditionally Irish than a thick and cozy Aran sweater.

To celebrate this coveted Gaelic garment, the artisans at Tara’s Diary have created a special charm that honors the beauty of this hand-knitted classic.

The Tara’s Diary Irish Aran Sweater Charm is crafted by hand with painstaking attention to detail. Made from shining sterling silver, this whimsical and meaningful charm is an ideal stocking stuffer for any special lady with Irish ancestry.

Adorned with a pretty Trinity Knot that symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each charm retails for a very affordable $64.00.

This versatile charm will fit onto a Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet, and it’s also designed to work with any Pandora charm bracelet.

About Aran Sweaters

The first Aran sweaters were knitted in the Aran Islands, on Ireland’s West Coast.

Since these islands were surrounded by frigid Atlantic waters, the fishermen and farmers of the Aran islands needed sweaters that were thick and sturdy enough to protect them from the elements.

These sweaters were passed down through the generations, and they’ve become symbols of the Irish clans and their history.

The unique stitching patterns used to make authentic Aran sweaters indicated different clans.

In fact, these sweaters really tell a story. Islanders were able to intuit plenty of information about other Islanders, based on the designs that they wore. Patterns for different clan sweaters were kept secret from outsiders.

When fishermen drowned in the Aran Islands, their identities were discovered via the Aran sweaters that they wore.

As you can see, the Aran sweater plays a pivotal role in Irish history, culture and heritage.

So, why not honor your own Gaelic background – or that of someone that you love – by choosing our lovely Tara’s Diary Irish Aran Sweater Charm today?