November, 2012 Roundup: Irish Stories Around the Web

If you have a taste for Emerald Isle news and culture, you’ll enjoy discovering some current information about Irish topics and special events.

To assist you in getting the information that you need, we’ve created a daily news feed that connects you with the most fascinating and topical Irish blogs, pictures, get-togethers and articles.

By providing you with a simple way to learn more about the Emerald Isle, we make it possible for you to explore your own Gaelic heritage through the power of the Internet

This month, we showcased a variety of interesting tidbits related to Ireland and Irish-Americans.

November 2012 Highlights

  • Celebrate Celtic Roots
  • Experience the Beauty of Irish Woodlands
  • Enjoy Traditional Irish Storytelling
  • Check out Ireland’s Prettiest Castles
  • Discover some Wonderful Irish Walking Routes
  • Discover the Secret Life of Irish Objects

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