Charm her This Christmas with our Tara’s Diary Collection

If you want to spoil a special lady this Christmas, why not give her a Celtic charm bracelet that honours her own Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry?

Our exquisite Tara’s Diary Collection is tailor-made for thoughtful gift giving, and each bracelet and charm that we offer is just so affordable.

By offering her a Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet and a selection of pretty and meaningful charms, you’ll provide her with beauty and uniqueness that are truly unparalleled.

To help you learn more about our lovely Tara’s Diary Collection, we’ve spotlighted our starter bracelet and a few charms that feature the ancient, enduring and mystical symbols of the Celtic people…

About the Collection

When you choose pieces from the Tara’s Diary Collection, you’ll be accessing authentic Celtic style. Every bracelet and charm is made by hand right in Ireland, by artisans who respect the timeless tradition of masterful Celtic metal work.

Charms featured in the collection are different from all the rest, as they display Irish Claddagh symbols, Celtic Trinity Knots, Celtic spirals, and knot work patterns that evoke thousands of years of Irish, Scottish and Welsh history.

To add even more beauty to these highly-symbolic designs, Tara’s Diary craftspeople enhance their designs with gorgeous embellishments, such as art glass, birthstones, pearls, and bright, shiny enamel work.

When worn together, this array of textures and colors provides incredible richness and dimension. Charms may be worn on a Tara’s Diary or Pandora bracelet, or they may be worn on a simple chain necklace or thong necklace.

Getting creative with these irresistible charms is just so fun and fulfilling. That’s why so many women adore collecting new charms and creating new charm configurations.

Now that you know more about the Tara’s Diary Collection, let’s take a look at some wonderful gift ideas for this Christmas. Since these pieces are very affordable, they are a perfect way to offer her originality and beauty, without breaking the bank.

The Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet

Tara's Diary Charm Celtic BraceletBeautiful workmanship is featured in every design element of our lovely Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet.

Available for just $124.00, this classic design comes in different sizes for a perfect fit, and it is embellished with Tara’s Diary engraving for a truly Celtic effect.

Bestowed with an elegant and secure clasp that will keep her Tara’s Diary charms safe and sound, this sterling silver design is handcrafted and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

The perfect backdrop to a glittering array of charms, this comfortable bracelet is the ultimate stocking stuffer for any special woman.

Tara’s Diary Charms to Treasure

Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm

Celtic Shamrock Enamel CharmSaint Patrick used the tender Shamrock plant to symbolize the Holy Trinity. He believed that the three leaves of this plant represented Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Today, the Shamrock remains Ireland’s most famous symbol.

When you choose our Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm, which features beautiful, richly-layered enamel work and engraved, sterling silver details, you’ll celebrate the faith of Saint Patrick, while also honoring Gaelic heritage.

Perfect as a first charm for a starter bracelet, this colorful, yet sophisticated design is a feminine, appealing present that she’ll adore.

This charm retails for just $33.00.

Tara’s Diary Double Claddagh Dangle Charm

Tara's Diary Double Claddagh Dangle CharmCladdagh symbols feature a unique, crowned-heart-and hands-motif that illustrates love, loyalty and friendship.

Since medieval times, Claddagh jewelry designs have been used as meaningful tokens of affection.

Today, Tara’s Diary artisans honor the romantic spirit of the Irish by creating an exquisite, handmade silver charm that features beautiful Claddagh symbols.

Our Tara’s Diary Double Claddagh Dangle Charm is adorned with tender and romantic symbols that represent the warmest feelings and sentiments.

Retailing for only $44.00, this elegant design is pure Ireland, and it’s a wonderful gift idea for any lady with Emerald Isle heritage.

Green Tara’s Diary Trinity Knot with Enamel

Green Tara's Diary Trinity Knot with EnamelAdd a touch of color to her life with this cheery, bright enamel-and-silver bead.

Our Green Tara’s Diary Trinity Knot with Enamel features flawless enamel work in appealing Kelly-green, along with elegant Trinity Knot symbols.

Like the Shamrock, each element of the three-part Trinity Knot symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This centuries-old Celtic symbol of faith appears on Celtic art treasures dating back the the early medieval period. Today, it also adds meaning to this colorful and original Celtic charm.

Our square bead retails for only $65.00.

Make Her Christmas Special with Celtic Jewelry

Now that you have a few ideas for early Christmas shopping, why not treat a special lady to pretty Celtic jewelry this year? She’ll be so glad that you did.