You’ll Love our Unique and Affordable Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring

Once in a while, a new Celtic jewelry design comes along that is very different from all of the rest. Our new Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring is this type of design, as it’s just so unique and beautiful.

Adorned with a trio of lovely, open-work Claddagh motifs, our new ring celebrates love, loyalty and friendship. This elegant, sterling silver design will never get lost on your hand, and it’s available for just $44.00.

The first Claddagh ring was created in the medieval age, by an Irish fisherman who was sold into slavery while sailing in Moorish lands. This fisherman, Richard Joyce, pined for his true love, Margaret, who waited faithfully for him in Galway.

Claddagh Rings Symbolize Love, Loyalty and Friendship

While enslaved, Joyce was forced to work as a goldsmith.

Combining his skill with his adoration for his lady, he crafted a gold ring that displayed a unique, crowned-heart-and-hands motif.

The crowned heart symbolized loyalty in love, while the tiny hands offered “his” heart to her.

Touching and romantic, the first Claddagh ring (also known as the Royal Claddagh Ring) became the stuff of legend.

After a decree from the English king, Joyce was released, and he sailed back to Galway. In Ireland, he was reunited with his true love, who wore her Claddagh Ring for the rest of her life.

For centuries, Irish couples have exchanged traditional Claddagh rings to show their love for one another.

Treat Yourself to Exquisite Irish Beauty

Silver 3 Claddaghs Ring pic 2As the picture at left demonstrates, this ring is the perfect expression of Irish roots.

An ideal complement to a fresh manicure, this style is truly the ultimate “right-hand ring” for ladies with Gaelic family backgrounds.

Of course, this ring is also a lovely gift for any special lady. Since it’s so affordable and so simple to order online, it’s a personal, meaningful present that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Each Silver 3 Claddagh’s Ring is handcrafted in the Emerald Isle, by artisans who respect the ancient traditions of masterful Irish metal work.

In addition, every design is stamped for purity in Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

If you’re looking for a piece of Celtic jewelry that is innovative, authentic, and guaranteed to please, our pretty Claddagh ring will fit the bill. To see more of our signature designs, please visit our online jewelry store today.