Fun Family Attractions in Ireland

Irish childIf you’re planning a trip to the Emerald Isle and you’d like to take your children along for the ride, you should know that Ireland offers some fun and educational family attractions that are guaranteed to add plenty of excitement and charm to your upcoming vacation.

To help you learn more about these things to see and do, we’ve compiled a helpful quick guide to the country’s most appealing family attractions.

When it comes to entertaining kids and keeping them stimulated and occupied in a brand-new place, Ireland’s family-friendly activities are truly second to none. Currently, Ireland is one of the most popular tourist destinations around, so it’s a perfect place for you and your little ones to visit.

By choosing a few fun and age-appropriate ideas from our list, you’ll be ready to plan a trip that your children will always remember fondly…

Popular Attractions for Kids Visiting Ireland

LeprechaunDublin Zoo – A time-honored favorite with families who spend holidays in the Emerald Isle, a trip to the famous Dublin Zoo will be a great way to learn more about animals while spending time in Ireland’s bustling capital city.

This zoo is situated in Phoenix Park, Dublin City, and it’s the perfect place to get up close and personal with a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals, including exotic birds, cold-blooded reptiles, large mammals and slithery invertebrates.

This well-appointed zoo features an Elephant House, a Gorilla Rain forest, a House of Reptiles, and a simulated African Savannah that offers dazzling views of tigers, lions and other fascinating wildlife.

In addition, Dublin Zoo offers a host of amenities and educational services (such as baby changing tables, an on-site restaurant, a gift shop, and special talks and workshops for kids).

Children under the age of three visit Dublin Zoo for free; adults will need to pay 15.50 Euros to attend.

Marble Arch Caves – Ireland’s stunning and unique Marble Arch Caves are a perfect place to dazzling your children with the unique beauty of the Emerald Isle. Visitors to this popular family attraction may tour the caves in guided boats that glide past some striking and dramatic cave formations.

On the Marble Arch Caves tour, your children will admire shining stalactites, rushing waterfalls, a labyrinth of “secret passages” and loads of high chambers.

Brightly lit by powerful lamps, the Marble Arch caves are designed to spark the imaginations of children of all ages, so this is a great activity for the entire family.

If you’ve never experienced the wonder and magic of an underground river, you’ll find that this family-friendly electric boat tour becomes an unforgettable part of your Irish family adventure.

Amenities found on site include a restaurant, an audio-visual exhibit, and a gift shop. Bundle your kids up warm to make sure they are comfortable during this 75-minute trek. A family of four may enjoy the cave tours for about 30 US dollars.

Fungie the Dolphin Tours

Fungie the Dolphin is a well-known resident of Dingle, Ireland. This bottle-nose creature was discovered by a lighthouse keeper back in the 1980s.

Fungie is very tame and very fond of human beings; in fact, he is known to help fishing boats find their way out to sea and back each day. Since Fungie is such as friendly soul, he’s even swum with local kids and tourists.

These days, people make pilgrimages to see Fungie for themselves, by signing up for scenic boat tours that culminate in a meeting with Fungie, who swims up to the boats to say hello. If you’d like your kids to make friends with the Emerald Isle’s most famous bottle-nose dolphin, be sure to treat them to a tour while you’re in Ireland on vacation.

Prices for boat tours range from 13 dollars to 25 dollars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about some fun family attraction in Ireland. As you can see, this country is the perfect place for children to explore, play and be happy.