Choose a Pretty Catch Opener for Your Celtic Charm Bracelet

Tara's Diary Shamrock Catch OpenerIf you love your Celtic charm bracelet (or any other charm bracelet), you may be looking for a special tool that will assist you with opening the bracelet’s catch. After all, getting the clasp of your bracelet to open can be a tricky task.

To help you enjoy your charm bracelet to the fullest, the makers of the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet Collection have created a special Tara’s Diary Shamrock Catch Opener that makes it so easy to enjoy your bracelet every day.

By sliding this pretty Shamrock tool into the clasp, you’ll pop it open instantly, without any effort or fuss. Taking off your bracelet will be a total breeze!

This affordable design has all of the handcrafted beauty of a typical Tara’s Diary Charm, and it makes a perfect gift idea for any lady who wears a charm bracelet regularly.

This Pretty Catch Opener is Practical and Affordable

Crafted from the finest sterling silver, this Shamrock catch opener also features a glittering green CZ gemstone for a touch of true Emerald Isle beauty.

Each catch opener comes with a leather strap that makes it even simpler to use.

Instead of struggling to open your charm bracelet, why not choose a tool that allows you to take off your bracelet in seconds?

The Shamrock is a time-honored symbol of Ireland, so using this catch opener will be the perfect way to honor your own Gaelic roots. Beautiful engraved details on the Shamrock’s three leaves give it a rich, dimensional look.

Saint Patrick (Ireland’s patron saint) used the Shamrock to illustrate the presence of God in the natural world. According to this lauded saint, each leaf of the Shamrock represented Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today, this symbol of the Holy Trinity remains Ireland’s most powerful motif.

Now that you know more about our beautiful catch opener, why not treat yourself to this handy tool today?