Create a Unique Claddagh Look with our Stacking Rings

Tara's Diary Claddagh Crown Stack Ring setWe are proud to offer our clientele a selection of beautiful and affordable Tara’s Diary Stack Rings.

If you’re searching for the perfect way to honor your Irish ancestry, creating a special Claddagh ring from three complementary stack rings will be a pleasure.

Created from fine sterling silver, CZ gemstones and yellow gold-plated accents, our trio of rings come together to form a romantic and uniquely Irish Claddagh “crowned heart and hands” motif, which symbolizes love and loyalty.

Now, let’s take a look at each component of this charming stacking ring configuration…

Tara’s Diary Claddagh Crown Stack Ring

Tara's Diary Claddagh Crown Stack RingThis element in our Claddagh ring configuration features a pretty crown adorned with yellow gold plating.

Our Tara’s Diary Claddagh Crown Stack Ring retails for only $55.00, and it may be worn alone or with our coordinating stack rings.

Crafted from gleaming sterling silver, this elegant design also features Tara’s Diary engraving on the inside of the band.

Each stack ring that we sell is made by hand right in Ireland, and every design is stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

This meaningful piece makes a lovely gift idea for any special lady with Gaelic heritage.

Tara’s Diary Green Heart Stack Ring

Tara's Diary Green Heart Stack RingAt the center of your three-ring Claddagh design, the Tara’s Diary Green Heart Stack Ring glitters in shimmering emerald green.

This sterling silver ring features a pretty CZ gemstone in the shape of a heart.

Available for only $53.00, this ring looks lovely on its own or with any of our other stack ring designs.

Perfect as a starting point for a new stack ring collection, this classic design echoes the beauty of the Emerald Isle’s lush greenery.

If you own a Tara’s Diary charm bracelet, you’ll find that choosing a ring like this is the perfect way to build a lovely jewelry wardrobe.

Since Tara’s Diary stack rings and Tara’s Diary charms have the same original style details and aesthetic, they look stunning together.

Be sure to complement your Tara’s Diary pieces by treating yourself to a manicure and some luxurious hand cream.

Tara’s Diary Claddagh ‘Love, Loyalty & Friendship’ Stack Ring

Tara's Diary Claddagh 'Love, Loyalty & Friendship' Stack RingTo finish the look, choose our delicate and feminine Tara’s Diary Claddagh ‘Love, Loyalty & Friendship’ Stack Ring.

This rich and dimensional piece features tiny hands in yellow gold plating, along with expert engraving of the words, “love, loyalty & friendship”.

Retailing for just $55.00, this exceptional design is pretty enough to be worn alone.

When added to the stacking rings shown above, it becomes part of a stunning showpiece that will bring you pleasure and help you to connect with your own Irish family background.

Now that you know how pretty and versatile these affordable designs really are, why not treat yourself by ordering all three rings today?