Show Your Irish Roots with our Tara’s Diary Shamrock Dangle Charm

Tara's Diary Shamrock with CZ Dangle CharmCollecting pretty charms for a beloved charm bracelet is a wonderful way to express your personal style, and our Tara’s Diary Shamrock with CZ Dangle Charm is definitely an ideal choice for any lady with Irish roots.

If you have a Gaelic family background, why not let the world know that you’re “proud to be Irish” by choosing this special, colorful design?

Our lovely charm is vibrant enough to stand out on even the most crowded charm bracelet, due to its bright enamel shamrocks and its lustrous CZ emerald.

Each dangling Shamrock motif features three heart-shaped leaves that symbolize Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Crafted from fine sterling silver, our authentic Irish charm is made by hand right in the Emerald Isle, and it may also be used to adorn a charm necklace or a basic silver or white gold chain necklace.

Collect Your Favorite Charms for a Unique Irish/Celtic Look That Really Gets Noticed

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletA completed Tara’s Diary charm bracelet is truly a thing of beauty, as it’s filled with so many gorgeous colors, textures, shapes and Celtic symbols.

This collection is very special, and many women really enjoy creating their ideal charm configurations.

All that you need to get started is our Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet.

If you don’t want to buy a new bracelet, you will be able to fit almost all of our charms onto an existing Pandora bracelet.

Check product details for each charm to see if they’ll fit your Pandora design.

Examples of our most popular Celtic charms include beautiful art-glass beads, bright enamel squares adorned with Trinity Knots, and pretty Irish dancer charms that evoke the culture and joyful spirit of Ireland.

For ladies with Scottish ancestry, we even offer a special Scottish Thistle Celtic Charm with an enamelled Scottish flag and silver thistle motif.

As a gift idea for a woman with a Celtic family background, our charms and starter bracelet are second to none. To personalize your gift, you may even select a stunning birthstone charm that is custom-made to honor her own month of birth.


Enjoy Celtic Jewelry That is Personalized Just for You

One look at the completed bracelet shown at left will show you exactly how striking (and fun to wear) this collection really is.

So why not treat yourself, or someone that you love, to these authentic Celtic jewelry designs?

Each charm is exquisite, yet so affordable. And each charm represents thousands of years of Celtic history.

To learn more, please check out our entire Tara’s Diary Charms collection.

By choosing authentic Celtic jewelry that is personalized just for you, you’ll connect with your own heritage, and you’ll enjoy unique beauty that really expresses your own sense of self.