Exploring Ireland – Limerick City

Limerick King Johns CastleIreland is known for its charming cities and its unsurpassed natural beauty. If you’re considering a trip to the Emerald Isle, there are so many great places to see and explore, and one of them is definitely historic Limerick City.

Limerick City was founded by Vikings, who constructed a rugged, marble-walled city close by the sparkling azure waters of the River Shannon.

At the city center, the splendor of King John’s Castle (shown at left, at Limerick Island) creates a unique and memorable mood. In fact, Limerick City is home to a host of appealing heritage sites which evoke the spirit of long-bygone eras.

Of course, like any modern Irish city, Limerick also offers a wealth of exciting tourist attractions that are decidedly vibrant, hip and current.

This Emerald Isle locale is the perfect vacation destination, as it provides a range of enjoyable things to see and do, while also giving visitors an unforgettable taste of ancient Ireland.

Things to See and Do in Limerick City

Limerick ShieldHunt Museum

If you’re interested in learning more about the rich and varied history of Limerick City, you’ll really enjoy visiting Hunt Museum. This museum features a dizzying array of Bronze Age, Iron Age and medieval artifacts.

Jam-packed with over 2000 objects, this museum encourages visitors to get up close and personal by allowing them to touch many of the exhibits.

Located on Rutland Street, at the Palladian Custom House, this premier historical museum houses a precious Da Vinci sculpture, as well as works of art by the old masters, including Renoir, Picasso and Giacometti.

King John’s Castle

Currently in the midst of a massive renovation, historic King John’s Castle will soon offer new amenities to visitors. Interactive exhibits that celebrate the fortress and its 800 year history are currently being created.

Tourists who visit the castle in 2013 will be able to enjoy a cutting-edge Visitor’s Center, where they’ll have the opportunity to don medieval costumes and to use touch-screen computers and other multimedia devices to learn more about the castle`s unique architecture and cultural legacy.

As for the castle itself, it will remain much the same as it has been for centuries. Walking the hallowed halls of King John’s Castle will spark the imagination, and it will bring Limerick’s colorful heritage to life…

For tourists who seek out modern pleasures, exploring the city’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street, will lead to some wonderful shopping and dining. In addition, visitors to Limerick City will enjoy learning more about the city’s two areas, English Town and Irish Town.

These two regions are located on either side of the city center. The English section is quite traditional, and it’s very close to another historical site, the Old Franscican Friary. In Irish Town, be sure to enjoy some quality downtime at People’s Park.

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