Our Claddagh Wedding Band Offers Bold Design and Romantic Symbolism

Ladies Claddagh & Celtic Wedding BandIf youre’s looking for a wide wedding band that will never “get lost” on your hand, you’ll love the bold design and romantic symbolism of our Ladies Claddagh & Celtic Wedding Band.

This traditional Irish/Celtic design is adorned with the crowned-heart-and-hands symbols that appear on all Claddagh Rings, and it also features the hypnotic beauty of Celtic knot work patterns, which decorate the band’s circumference.

In particular, this type of ring will suit women who have larger bones or taller bodies. Since jewelry that is scaled to body type always highlights a woman’s natural beauty, selecting pieces that are balanced with your own proportions will be a great idea.

However, there are no “rules” when it comes to choosing a wedding band, except loving what you choose. Therefore, if you are petite, but still adore bold jewelry, by all means, indulge yourself and get exactly what you want.

Every woman is different, so finding what works best with your own personal style should be priority one.

Although this band is a bit wider than a typical, plain gold band, it will be so comfortable to wear. Handcrafted right in the Emerald Isle, this meaningful ring features rounded, polished borders and perfect dimensions for the ultimate fit.

In addition, this lovely design has one exciting, customizable feature that makes it even more perfect for you. To select your ideal finish, you may choose from an affordable silver ring (retailing for an amazingly affordable $95.00) or a more luxurious, 14k yellow or white gold design.

So, why not treat yourself to a wedding band that honors your own Irish or Celtic family background? Ordering this special ring today will be a great way to show your pride in your own heritage as you move on to an important new milestone in your life.