Do You Have an Irish Family Name?

If you’re of Irish heritage, you may also have an Irish family name. Certain surnames, such as O’Malley and Doyle, are quintessentially Irish, and they have a long, rich and colorful history.

If you think your family name may be one of the truly traditional Irish last names, why not find out for sure by clicking on the image shown below?

This picture is an Irish Family Names Infographic that details all of the classic Irish family names, along with some fascinating information about each one.

By clicking on the picture we’ve added to this blog post below, you’ll be led to a much larger infographic that is very easy to read and understand. You may need to click the zoom button.

Since last names are the key to unlocking your own family history, knowing what your Irish family name means may be the important first step on a fulfilling journey into your family’s ancestral past.

In Ireland, these traditional last names are something to be proud of, as, for the Irish, family is truly sacred.

In war, peace, hardship or prosperity, these names and bloodlines endured, and the descendants who carry these family names today have a right to be very proud of their heritage.

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