Add Color to your Life with our Tara’s Diary Glass Bead Collection

Tara's Diary Glass with Blue Stripe CharmWe are proud to offer a dazzling selection of colorful art glass beads, all of which come from the Celtic Tara’s Diary Collection.

Available in a rainbow-riot of tones to suit any woman’s tastes, these lovely designs are meant to add vibrancy to any Tara’s Diary or Pandora charm bracelet.

In addition, these versatile charms may be worn as pendants on any chain necklace.

If you’re looking for a way to add a color to your life this season, why not treat yourself to one or more of our pretty and affordable charms?

Each piece in our glass bead collection retails for only $33.00, and the quality of each handmade charm is absolutely superlative.

Created right in Ireland and adorned with sterling silver accents and exquisite “Tara’s Diary” engraving, these signature charms are popular with women from all over the world.

Designed to be worn with other pieces from the Tara’s Diary charm bracelet collection, such as birthstone charms, Celtic Trinity Knot charms, and Irish Shamrock charms, these bright, cheery and fun art glass charms look dazzling when the light hits them, as most contain a prism of tones that positively glow in the sunlight.

Now, let’s look at our selection of glass bead charms…

Tara’s Diary Glass Green Flower Charm

Tara's Diary Glass Green Flower CharmShowcase your femininity by choosing our beautiful Tara’s Diary Glass Green Flower Charm.

This pretty green design features white blossom accents in shining enamel that add significant depth and dimension to the piece.

Adorned with shining sterling silver and Tara’s Diary lettering, this budget-friendly charm also makes an ideal gift for any special lady with Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry.

Wear it on your charm bracelet, or slide it onto any chain necklace or leather cord necklace to enjoy a unique look that always gets noticed. This charm is also available in a deep blue tone.


Tara’s Diary Glass Red with Blue Dot Charm

Tara's Diary Glass Red with Blue Dot CharmRed is the color of romance and passion, so why celebrate your own passionate spirit by choosing the Tara’s Diary Glass Red with Blue Dot Charm?

Sky-blue dots accent the fiery red background, adding beauty and originality to this high-quality glass bead charm.

If your charm bracelet features mostly silver charms, adding a touch of bright color with this design will change the whole look for the better.

In fact, you may find that this special design becomes one of your most treasured charms…


Tara’s Diary Glass with Blue Stripe Charm

Tara's Diary Glass with Blue Stripe CharmCool and serene, our two-toned Tara’s Diary Glass with Blue Stripe Charm evokes the timeless beauty of sea and sky…

The perfect complement to a range of sterling silver square beads or dangle charms, this elegant piece features sky-blue striping that brings out the depth and richness of a lustrous cobalt background.

If you’re looking for a glass charm that never loses its appeal, you will love this stunning design. This is definitely one of the most popular Tara’s Diary glass beads.

Ordering this piece from our online boutique will take only minutes, so why not indulge yourself today?

Tara’s Diary Green with Blue Dot Charm

Tara's Diary Green with Blue Dot CharmIf you love warm colors that call to mind the beauty of a spring meadow, you’ll enjoy wearing our Tara’s Diary Green with Blue Dot Charm.

The perfect mixture of sunny yellow, spring green, and lapis lazuli blue, this multicolored charm is a gorgeous way to add cheery brightness to your charm bracelet.

Like all charms we’ve shown here, this piece is handcrafted by Irish artisans, and each piece is finished with genuine sterling silver accents and Tara’s Diary engraving.


You’ll Love the Entire Tara’s Diary Collection

Tara's Diary Charm BraceletTo show you what’s possible, we’ve posted a picture of a completed Tara’s Diary charm bracelet.

This striking look combines our Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet with a full complement of stunning Tara’s Diary charms.

Delicate Irish dancer charms, silver baby “binkies”, enamelled Celtic symbol charms, personalized birthstone charms and art glass beads all provide texture, visual impact and aesthetic balance to the design.

Many women begin with the starter bracelet and just a couple of charms, adding more beads to celebrate special milestones in their life, such as weddings, the birth of babies, birthdays and anniversaries.

Once you’ve begun assembling your dream bracelet, you may find that creating the perfect configuration is highly enjoyable.

Of course, since each charm is so affordable, it’s possible to create a completed bracelet without busting your budget.

To offer you more choices, almost every Tara’s Diary bead will fit onto an existing Pandora charm bracelet.